Easy Tiger: Summer Fridays 4.2

Did you know there’s an animal park in Florida that develops bonds between tigers and humans by having them swim together? You probably did, it’s been around for three years. I just found out via this week’s cover art done by my friend and frequent art contributor Kelly Hitzing. If you didn’t, there is such a park and the photos are terrifying. It’s like that Truck-o-Saurus episode of the Simpsons come to life…minus the Truck-o-Saurus and the sharks.

Anyway, my nightmares are your awesome cover art to the second Summer Fridays of 2011. By pure coincidence there’s a song by Cat’s Eyes. And lots of other new music, plus at least one song about the summer which is a cheeseball thing to do and I can’t promise I won’t do it again. But I can promise that the song will be good if I do so. Without further ado…



1. Fun Boy Three – Summertime
2. Cat’s Eyes – A Face in the Crowd
3. Wild Flag – Future Crimes
4. Seapony – Into the Sea
5. pow wow! – It’s Not That Easy
6. The Monochrome Set – Karma Suture
7. Hong Kong in the ’60s – You Can Take a Heart but You Can’t Make it Beat
8. Love Inks – Wave Goodbye
9. Ivy – I Get the Message
10. The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy – Groovin’ in the Bus Lane
11. The Attack – Colour of My Mind
12. Starfucker – Astoria
13. Small Sins – Why Don’t You Believe Me?
14. The Young Knives – Woman
15. The Hollies – Postcard
16. Nina Slash – Candy Box
17. Lemonheads – Confetti
18. The Arctic Monkeys – Suck it and See
19. Dani Sheridan – I Guess I’m Dumb
20. Girls Names – Lawrence
21. Hunters & Collectors – Everything’s on Fire

I know you know, but I can’t post this without reminding you that the songs herein are mixed together, so listening on shuffle would be a bad thing. So don’t do it! Liner notes after the jump.

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Man Overboard, it’s Summer Fridays 4.1!

It’s Memorial Day Weekend and that, of course, means the start of the fourth year of these seasonal mixes. Please enjoy whether you’re heading out of town for a three day trip to the beach, or use at a backyard bbq, or just clogging up your hard drive unzipped. Sunbathing season hasn’t really started yet, so this mix is pretty damn white. Please enjoy the quality pop tones within. Cover art this week designed by Kate Bryant who has helped kick off nearly every season of Summer Fridays since the beginning so long ago. Enjoy.



1. Let’s Wrestle – In Dreams Pt. II
2. Eternal Summers – Prisoner
3. The Belltower – Outshine the Sun
4. Terry Malts – Distracted
5. Comet Gain – Thee Ecstatic Library
6. The Modern Lovers – Dignified and Old
7. Milk Maid – Not Me
8. Boat – Kinda Scared of Love Affairs
9. 20/20 – Yellow Pills
10. Pete & the Pirates – Little Gun
11. The Wedding Present – Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)
12. Gold-Bears – Totally Called It
13. Radical Dads – Walking Wires
14. Slade – Coz I Luv You
15. Gross Relations – Blame the Records
16. The Strokes – Machu Picchu
17. The Hairs – Duh x 12
18. Crystal Stilts – Death is What We Live For
19. The Feelies – Nobody Knows
20. The Kinks – Sunny Afternoon

Like I always always always say, these mixes are actually, you know, mixed together. So no skipping! Liner Notes after the jump.

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