Sky Larkin | Pianos | 8.13.2008

Sky Larkin are one of the more unassuming-looking indie bands I've seen in a while — no funny clothing or shutter shades, etc. Which makes the story singer Katie Harkin told the Pianos crowd at their first-ever U.S. show even funnier. Before even crossing the street this morning when they left their hotel, a car drove by and yelled "HIPSTER BULLSHIT!!!" at them. Cue extended laughter. Welcome to New York.

Pianos was much nicer to them, and I was happy to see a decent crowd out early to see them. Having only released two singles so far in their career but have just signed to uber-cool indie label Wichita in the UK (Peter Bjorn and John, Les Savvy Fav, Los Camesinos! and more) with an album due out this fall. Here to play a couple shows and film the video for the album's first single, "Fossil, I," Sky Larkin  were a little jetlagged, overwhelmed, and hot (English summers don't reach NYC temperatures, and it wasn't even that bad today) but they pulled off their American debut with aplomb.

Nestor, their drummer, in particular gave it 110%, to the point where in between songs he rested his head on the snare. Apparently Katie had some trouble with her effects pedals but I couldn't tell there was anything wrong. It was a short set (35 minutes or so) but certainly long enough for a band whose audience only a had a few songs to go on but new songs were as catchy as previously-released singles "Molten" and "One of Two." There is nothing trendy whatsoever about what they do, just good songs played with skill and energy. Definitely not hipster bullshit.

MP3: Sky Larkin – Antibodies (Demo) (Sign up for their mailing list and get the new recording of Molten)

Sky Larkin play Union Hall tonight. (Advance tickets are available.) Here's video I shot of them performing "Molten" at Pianos:

And "Antibodies":