Sunny Days and Inner Tubes: Summer Fridays 5.10

Sorry about no new mix last week. We had snafus in both the audio and visual departments and in addition to other commitments, it didn’t quite come together. Anyway, we’re back this Friday with a lot of good stuff for you to hear, including a song by new favorite new band, Stealing Sheep; a rarity from the Blur 21 box set; new music from Chicago’s Mazes, SF’s Sic Alps, Welsh oddballs Race Horses, oddball oddball Lawrence’s Go Kart Mozart, and some “classic cuts” from The Wedding Present, New Order, T. Rex and a tip of the hat to late astronaut Sally Ride. And more!

Cover art this is by longtime contributor (and recent post grad school grad) Kelly Hitzing who has been spending this summer tubing down rivers in Tennessee and Florida. Which makes me think of the great Atari arcade game Tubin’ more than anything else. I digress. There are also FOUR songs with the word “sun” or some variation therein which I totally didn’t do on purpose.

Download and enjoy!


1) Tame Impala – Elephant
2) T-Rex – Jeepster
3) Mazes – Messes
4) New Order – Weirdo
5) The Sea and Cake – Harps
6) Wild Nothing – Nocturne
7) Taken By Trees – Dreams
8) Stealing Sheep – Genevieve
9) Magic Trick – Sunny
10) Sic Alps – God Bless Her, I Miss Her
11) The Wedding Present – You Should Always Keep in Touch with Your Friends
12) Blur – Seven Days
13) Go Kart Mozart – The Sun
14) The Weathermen – Space
15) Race Horses – Sisters
16) Chris Stamey – The Summer Sun
17) Magic Trick – Sunny
18) The Luyas – Fifty Fifty

Yo! No shuffling!

…and a whole lot of fooling around. Hey, look! Summer Friday are back!

Are you ready for the summer? Are you ready for the good times? Are you ready for the birds and bees? The apple trees? And a whole lot of indie rock? Well you’re in luck because that’s what we have here with the first mix of Summer Fridays 2012.* I am hoping to do these every Friday, though I’m gainfully employed now (we don’t get summer Fridays at my job, unfortunately) and have a lot less time — and energy — than I have the last four years. Which is good! Anyway, we’ll see how I do. This kickoff mix has lots of great new music, I think, and a few oldies peppered in as well. Like usual. Slide away…

DOWNLOAD SUMMER FRIDAYS 5.1 (alt Mediafire link)

1. The Intelligence – Reading and Writing About Partying
2. The LimiƱanas – I Know There’s an Answer
3. The Primitives – Who Are You Trying to Fool?
4. Flop – Hello
5. Exlovers – This Love Will Lead You On
6. Pushy Parents – Secret Secret
7. Eternal Summers – You Kill
8. Terry Malts – Disconnected
9. TV Girl – Sweaters
10. Smile – Satellite Blues
11. The Upsetters – V-S Panta Rock
12. Race Horses – Mates
13. Orca Team – 8×8
14. Nick Waterhouse – (If) You Want Trouble
15. Grass Widow – Under the Atmosphere
16. Evans the Death – Catch Your Cold
17. Kelley Stoltz – Marcy
18. The Teardrop Explodes – When I Dream
19. King Khan & the Shrines – Bite My Tongue
20. Novella – Don’t Believe Ayn Rand
21. No Joy – Junior

No shuffling! Liner notes are below.

*This mix has no birds, bees or apple trees.

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Batten the Hatches: It’s Summer Fridays 4.14

The calm before the storm. Literally. New York is bracing for the biggest hurricane it’s ever faced (named after Irene Ryan, Granny Clampett was one tough cookie) and I’m just hoping my 100 year-old building will survive the winds. (It survived the earthquake on Monday… what a week!) Until then, or if you’re somewhere not on the East Coast of the United States, please enjoy the collection of mostly jangly pop. This week mostly ping-pongs between now and the mid-’80s (hey, that’s new for me!), with a few stops in the ’90s as well.

Cover art this week is by me. This was taken on the Williamsburg Bridge on a summer Friday back in June. I know I said no Hipstamatic pictures, but I can break my own rules, dammit. Anyway, it’s a nice picture I think.


1. Tommy Keene – Places that are Gone
2. This Many Boyfriends – Young Lovers Go Pop!
3. Easterhouse – Out on Your Own
4. Cut Off Your Hands – Nausea
5. The Smiths – Half a Person
6. Real Estate – It’s Real
7. Kitchens of Distinction – Third Time We Opened the Capsule
8. Violens – Through the Window
9. Psychic TV – Godstar
10. Male Bonding – Tame the Sun
11. The Candyskins – Submarine Song
12. Big Troubles – Misery
13. Girls – Honey Bunny
14. Rockpile – Teacher Teacher
15. Grass~Show – 1962
16. Race Horses – Benidorm
17. A Classic Education – Baby, It’s Fine
18. The Lucy Show – Ephemeral (This is No Heaven)
19. Oberhofer – Gotta Go
20. Oh Minnows – Another Volunteer

Stock up on batteries, water, and read-to-eat food, and no matter what you do…no shuffling! Liner notes after the jump. Continue Reading