Fall Forward: Summer Fridays 3.17


This is it, folks for Summer Fridays 2010. The weather is already full-on Fall, though it’s not actually Autumn until the 21. Autumn is my favorite time of year in NY anyway. Enjoy this last one, think it turned out pretty good. (Especially after redoing it last minute today, which is why this is up so late.) I might do a monthly mix, so maybe look forward to that. Hope you enjoyed these . I had fun making them. Just think this is the last time you’ll have to read this phrase till next year: NO SHUFFLING.



  1. Parlovr – Hell/Heaven
  2. Reading Rainbow – Wasting Time
  3. Animals That Swim – New Boots
  4. Casino Music – The Beat Goes On
  5. Talk Talk – Life is What You Make It
  6. The Crayon Fields – All the Pleasures of the World (Dan Block Remix)
  7. The Special AKA – What I Like Most About You is Your Girlfriend
  8. The Drums – Me and the Moon
  9. The Mighty Lemon Drops – Out of Hand
  10. Translations – The M.O.
  11. North Highlands – Steady Steady
  12. Edwyn Collins – Come Tomorrow, Come Today
  13. Aberfeldy – Mean Ol Misery
  14. Lancelot Link & The Evolution Revolution – Sha-La Love You
  15. The Balancing Act – She Doesn’t Work Here Anymore
  16. Butterglory – She’s Got the Akshun
  17. Superchunk – Hot Tubes
  18. The Trilobites – I Can’t Wait for Summer to End

Liner notes after the jump.


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Big Lake…Big Lake: Summer Fridays 3.9


I know the wildly variating themes of these mixes, week to week, is probably infuriating to some people. (That’s assuming I have regular readers at this point as infrequent as my posting is here. I keep saying I’ll do better, then I don’t.) It may seem impossible that someone can love Unnatural Helpers and The Fresh & Onlys and still have time to not only listen to, but find merit in the new New Young Pony Club album. Well welcome to me. Man cannot live in Altered Zones 24 hours a day, not this one at least, and I don’t need to have my dancepop drenched in reverb to justify listening to it. (Hey I like Delorean too, don’t get me wrong.) Bitter and defensive much, me? There is currently no running water in my apartment so I am cranky.

Anway: this week is poppy and dancey, maybe in a more 2007 kinda way than right now I dunno. It’s also got Xymox and Naked Eyes and the new Mark Ronson single that I think is pretty undeniably catchy as all get out. And new Deerhunter too which I think fits in just fine. Dig it.¬†Cover art this week comes courtesy Philip Maramba who I’ve known since college and still lives in WV where he is Design Editor for the Charleston Daily Mail. He probably cringes at every typo in this post. Philip also is an avid listener of these mixes despite never seeming to be able to figure out how to make them play in correct running order. Dude, it’s not that hard. The picture was taken Ghent, WV and looks particularly¬†idyllic. And yes, some people in West Virginia do read David Sedaris.




  1. Breakbot – Baby I’m Yours
  2. Deerhunter – Revival
  3. The Superimposers – Seeing is Believing
  4. Captain Sensible – Brenda Pts 1 + 2
  5. School of Seven Bells – Heart is Strange
  6. Xymox – Obsession
  7. Steve Mason – Am I Just a Man?
  8. Psychobuildings – No Man’s Land
  9. New Young Pony Club – Oh Cherie
  10. Naked Eyes – When the Lights Go Out
  11. Guru – Loungin’
  12. Holy Ghost! – Static on the Wire
  13. Mark Ronson & The Business Intl – Bang Bang Bang
  14. Ratatat – Mandy
  15. James Yuill – When You’re on Your Own

Because I will just never stop saying this: what you’ve got here is an actual mix, the songs segue together and much thought has been put into the running order. They are separate tracks though…so NO SHUFFLING. Liner notes after the jump.

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