Music Video of theWeek | Hot Chip – “Boy from School”

HotchipvideoHot Chip can do no wrong at the moment. Their second album, The Warning, hits stores this summer and is easily one of the best records of the year so far. Their live show, when all the members are present and the equipment’s working, is a total party. And they’re making some of the best videos today not to feature the words "Directed by Michel Gondry."

First we had the clever "Over and Over" promo clip, and now here’s "Boy From School" directed by Garth Jennings of Hammer & Tongs (and director of the somewhat successful big screen version of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy). The second single from Hot Chip’s yet to be released second album, The Warning, is the ridiculously catchy "Boy from School." I don’t think I want to give away what’s going on here, it’s best just to watch and let the video unfold in all it’s wondrous splendor. If you do, you’ll have to agree it’s a work of art.

Watch Hot Chip’s "Boy from School" video.