Everything Pains at Being Pure at Heart

We’ve now got the deets on The Pains at Being Pure at Heart‘s debut album, which will be coming out on the newly reinvigorated Slumberland Records (and on Fortuna Pop in the UK), which is also releasing The Crystal Stilts’ debut this fall, and the new one from caUSE co-MOTION. Here’s the tracklist:

1. Contender
2. Come Saturday
3. Young Adult Friction
4. This Love is Fucking Right
5. The Tenure Itch
6. Stay Alive
7. Everything With You
8. A Teenager in Love
9. Hey Paul
10. Gentle Sons

Given their warm, fuzzy sound, it seems entirely appropriate that the album was mixed by Archie Moore of Velocity Girl and tres-influential Black Tambourine. (And Heartworms and The Saturday People for you completists out there.) We’re going to have to wait till early ’09 for the whole shebang, but it’s first single, “Everything with You,” will be out on 7″ this fall… and on MP3 right now:

MP3: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – Everything with You

Two more of the album’s tracks are available on the band’s MySpace: the lovely, jangling “Stay Alive” and a rerecording of “Come Saturday” which is the closest they’ve come to capturing the umph and volume of their live shows. (And does it remind anyone else of Teenage Fanclub’s “Starsign”?) Also on their MySpace: some curious TBD dates in Sweden — look out, Malmo?

Meanwhile, TPOBPAH are playing The Dead Herring House ( 141 S. 5th st. 1E) in Williamsburg this Friday with Baby Teardrops and the German Measels, whose singer is, according to TPOBPAH’s Kip Berman, “the guitarist from caUSE co-MOTION’s non-identical twin”… for what it’s worth.

Also, I caught the band’s show last month at Twee as Fuck’s first NYC party at Cake Shop and shot footage of them performing “The Tenure Itch.” It’s been on my YouTube page for a while but never posted it here, which I am now rectifying. Picture could be brighter but I think the sound is actually quite good:

I also reviewed their performance at NYC Popfest.

Crystal Stilts + The Duchess and the Duke | The Charleston | 7.13.2008

Last time I saw a show at the Charleston it was in the back of the bar and the cranky old owner provided the lightshow by flipping the lightswitch on and off. The place has been under new management for a while now and is now booking shows in the Charleston’s dank, unfinished basement making it sort of the Cake Shop of Williamsburg I guess.

Crystal Stilts went on around Midnight which, after a full day of sun and beer at McCarren Pool and the aftershow at Music Hall of Williamsburg, it felt like 3AM. This was the third time I’ve seen them and with each show they’ve veered further and further away from the obvious Jesus & Mary Chain comparisons that were unavoidable when talking about their debut EP which is two years old but most people seem to have just discovered this year. (People including me.) The reverb is still there, but influences seem to be moving backwards to the dawn of rock n’ roll. Specifically you can hear Bo Diddley in that beat (courtesy standup, cymbal-less drummer Frankie Rose) and vibrato guitar. I’m anxious to hear their debut album, which is in the can and will be released on Slumberland later this year but in the meantime he’s one from the EP:

MP3: The Crystal Stilts – Converging on the Quiet

Crystal Stilts are also playing Saturday night at Glasslands if you’ve still got energy after the Siren fest. (Or if you couldn’t be bothered to go to Siren.)

Also on the bill were The Dutchess and the Duke who I’d seen open for Fleet Foxes earlier in the week at Union Hall. They sound a lot like their Hardly Art labelmates Arthur & Yu (also from Seattle), which is to say folky and bluesy in a late ’60s sort of way, complete with cool old hollow-body guitars and nice harmonies and a percussionist who kind of looks like Peter Tork or Denny Doherty. Their debut, She’s the Dutchess, He’s the Duke, came out last week and is a great lazy Sunday morning record. And they’re a pretty good late Sunday night kind of band too.

MP3: The Dutchess and the Duke – Reservoir Park