Happy Sinus Pain Awareness Month: Here’s a New Wintry Mix

I don’t know about where you are, but we are having a very mild winter. Not so mild that I should have been eating at outdoor burger joint Shake Shack last night, but I was and is where I snapped the picture that is now this week’s cover art. There’s lots of good new music on here, including the returns of a few favorite bands. Dig in:



1. Burning Hearts – Into the Wilderness
2. Wild Nothing – Nowhere
3. Piney Gir – Outa Sight
4. The Heart Strings – Don’t Let the World Gang Up on You
5. Air – Sonic Armada
6. Field Music – Who’ll Pay the Bills?
7. Old Monk – Warm Moustache
8. Moonmen on the Moon, Man – Oh Look, a Sweat Balloon Artist
9. La Sera – Please Be My Third Eye
10. Hooded Fang – ESP
11. Warm Digits – The World in Small Doses
12. Todd Terje – Inspector Norse
13. Lilacs & Champagne – King of Kings
14. Summer Twins – I Could Never Break Your Heart
15. Allo Darlin’ – Capricornia
16. The Magnetic Fields – Andrew in Drag
17. Candy Claws – Do You Ever Feel That Way?
18. The Wedding Present – You’re Dead

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…Unless Round is Funny: Summer Fridays 4.15

Labor Day weekend, folks. Party it up, you’ve earned it. Here in New York, we’ve recently weathered earthquakes and minor hurricanes and other inconveniences. So fire up the grill, put a cold beverage in your hand and turn up the mildly twee indie pop jams on this week’s mix. Cover art photo was taken by Kate Bryant at the Friends With You inflatable sculpture park which is at the upper end of the Highline park.

While Labor Day is seen as the end of summer, Summer Fridays mixes will continue to the Autumn Equinox… so you get two more after this. Enjoy!


1.  Zumpano! – The Party Rages On
2.  Allo Darlin’ – Darren
3.  Future Bible Heroes – Hopeless
4.  Ski Lodge – I Would Die to Be
5.  Murder Mystery – Problems
6.  XTC – Day In Day Out
7.  Peggy Sue – Song & Dance
8.  Devon Williams – All My Living Goes to You
9.  Papas Fritas – My Revolution
10. Radiation City – The Color of Industry
11. The Liminanas – (I’ve Got) Trouble in Mind
12. The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Hide and Seek
13. Music Machine – The People in Me
14. The Fresh & Onlys – I Would Not Know the Devil
15. Pale Saints – Fell from the Sun
16. Cymbals Eat Guitars – Keep Me Waiting
17. Grandaddy – Chartsengrafs
18. Destroyer – Savage Night at the Opera

I’m not even going to write it this week, but you know what I’m talking about. Liner notes after the jump.
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