That Hard Shell Finish: Summer Fridays 3.4

We're still a few days from it actually being Summer but that is good, as we've got a whole season to look forward to: the oppressive heat and humidity, the crushing disappointment of everything Hollywood has to offer except for Inception, and gallons and gallons more oil into the Gulf. Good times!

On the plus side, this week's cover was done by famed street artist King of the Streets, who is probably the hottest name this side of Mr. Brainwash. As you may remember he's a staunch environmentalist (and suffers crippling agoraphobia), so all graffiti takes place via MS Paint. You can visit that turtle down at the South Street Seaport if you like. Musically, after a couple weeks of dancier fare, the guitars return for Summer Fridays 3.4. Please enjoy: 



  1. The Jameses – Rat People
  2. Blur – Fool's Day
  3. Charlotte Gainsbourg – Trick Pony
  4. La De Das – How is the Air Up There?
  5. The Soft Pack – Pull Out
  6. The Megaphonic Thrift – Talks Like a Weed King
  7. Women – Narrow with the Hall
  8. Jacques Dutronc – Mini, Mini, Mini
  9. Eddy Current Suppression Ring – Gentleman
  10. The Turtles – You Showed Me
  11. Woods – Blood Dries Darker
  12. Love – A House is Not a Motel
  13. The Coral – Butterfly House
  14. The Morning Benders – All Day Daylight
  15. Film School – Waited
  16. Asteroid #4 – Let it Go
  17. Swervedriver – Birds
  18. Bear Quartet – His Spine

Disclaimer: all the songs are actually mixed together, despite being separate tracks so, say it with me, no shuffling! Liner notes after the jump.

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Keeping Up with The Jameses


For a long time Florida was known, musically, for teen pop and nu metal. I guess those things are still there but there's also a lot of great indie type stuff coming out of there these days from Surfer Blood to the Jacuzzi Boys to For Ex-Lovers Only. Well add to that list The Jameses who hail from Lake Worth and have put out one of the best 7"s I've heard in a while, a real double a-side where both tracks are ace.

"Rat People" is the more obvious of the two tracks, jamming on an almost Spacemen 3 type riff — thick with keyboards, guitars and reverb — but with a distinct joyous party vibe. The flip is "The Haunted Rider," more of a minor key rocker, that sounds like the soundtrack to a drive across the Southwest. Neither tracks falls into any easy categorization, which is a good thing these days.

MP3: The Jameses – Rat People

You can order the single via their Myspace or via your local record store. I got mine at Academy in Williamsburg.