Surfer Blood | Bruar Falls | 8.27.2009


It's not very often you go into a show blind and leave wowed but that what my reaction to seeing West Palm Beach, Florida's Surfer Blood last night at Bruar Falls. I think I was expecting a slightly poppier take on the shambolic noise skuzz that blows through smaller Williamsburg venues these days. But, despite reverbed vocals and echo guitars effects that would sometimes seize and glitch like an episode of Tim & Eric, Surfer Blood make accomplished, hook-filled indie rock with clever arrangements and great harmonies, as performed by four guys who can actually, you know, play. You hear so little music like this anymore from new bands — Seattle's BOAT come to mind — that is this catchy, skilled but not polished. It's not going to change your life or anything (yes, they do sound a little like the Shins), but it'll have you humming and awaiting the next time they come through town. I only wish I'd known about their first NYC show so I could've seen them more than once.

MP3: Surfer Blood – Harmonix

MP3: Surfer Blood – Catholic Pagans

Big ups to Rachel for basically forcing me to go to the show. I owe you a Coke. Surfer Blood's debut, Astro Coast, is out soon the above MP3s are from it. It's real good. I also put a song on today's Summer Fridays mix so check that out. They play Philadelphia tonight before heading back to Florida, and then the Midwest in September. The band told me they'll be back in NYC for CMJ in October. All tour dates and some video from last night after the jump.

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