Cast a Long Shadow: Summer Fridays 4.17

It dropped 25 degrees yesterday and now feels like Fall but that season doesn’t technically drop for five more days, so here’s the final Summer Fridays mix of 2011 on an autumnal tip. Which means some ’70s folk, sad strings, and mellow grooves. But as always, there’s some great new music on here: new singles from Django Django (the first in a year and a half), Still Corners and Radio Dept. offshoot Korvallren and Junk Culture (featuring Phantogram’s Sarah Barthel). Plus some oldies, cult obscurities (Yes that’s Matt Berry of Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace and The IT Crowd opening this mix) and other sonic ephemera. This one turned out pretty well.


1. Matt Berry – Take My Hand
2. Cashier No. 9 – To Make You Feel Better
3. Korallreven – As Young as Yesterday
4. Django Django – Waveforms
5. Baxter Dury – Leak at the Disco
6. Junk Culture – Chippewa Kids
7. The Beach Boys – Surf’s Up
8. Yo La Tengo – Can’t Forget
9. Wendy & Bonnie – The Paisely Window Pane
10. Fan Mondine – Another Eventale
11. The Field Mice – September’s Not So Far Away
12. Weekend – Hazel
13. Still Corners – Into the Trees
14. Heaven’s Gate – Salome
15. Donovan – Hurdy Gurdy Man
16. Shimmering Stars – Dancing to Music I Hate
17. Mercury Rev – Goddess on a Highway
18. The Shortwave Set – Is It Any Wonder?

Like the shortening days, the songs onto the mix flow into one another and we’ll be back at the beginning before you know it. So no shuffling. I’m going to get liner notes up later this afternoon.

Eh Oh! It’s Summer Fridays 4.16

This is the penultimate Summer Fridays mix for 2011. As these are a lot like The Wire, you know that a lot of stuff is going down over the next hour. Spoiler alert: your favorite character may die. Cover art was done last-minute by yours truly.


1.    Echo & the Bunnymen – Silver
2.    Hospitality – Friends of Friends
3.    Box Codax – Charade
4.    Robert Wyatt – Heaps of Sheep
5.    Summer Camp – The Last American Virgin
6.    Twin Sister – Gene Ciampi
7.    Jean-Claude Vannier – La Girafe Au Ballon
8.    Gaz Gaz – Faster
9.    Mystery Artist – Heartbeat
10.  Wax Idols – Dead Like You
11.  Babybird – Candy Girl
12.  Princeton – Clamoring for Your Heart
13.  Elephant – Actors
14.  Blouse – Videotapes
15.  The Drums – Days
16.  The Frank & Walters – Fashion Crisis Hits New York
17.  Masters of the Hemisphere – In the Volcano
18.  Shack – Dragonfly
19.  Translations – Pigeon Suit

Please refrain from listening to this whilst in shuffle mode. Liner notes after the jump.

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…Unless Round is Funny: Summer Fridays 4.15

Labor Day weekend, folks. Party it up, you’ve earned it. Here in New York, we’ve recently weathered earthquakes and minor hurricanes and other inconveniences. So fire up the grill, put a cold beverage in your hand and turn up the mildly twee indie pop jams on this week’s mix. Cover art photo was taken by Kate Bryant at the Friends With You inflatable sculpture park which is at the upper end of the Highline park.

While Labor Day is seen as the end of summer, Summer Fridays mixes will continue to the Autumn Equinox… so you get two more after this. Enjoy!


1.  Zumpano! – The Party Rages On
2.  Allo Darlin’ – Darren
3.  Future Bible Heroes – Hopeless
4.  Ski Lodge – I Would Die to Be
5.  Murder Mystery – Problems
6.  XTC – Day In Day Out
7.  Peggy Sue – Song & Dance
8.  Devon Williams – All My Living Goes to You
9.  Papas Fritas – My Revolution
10. Radiation City – The Color of Industry
11. The Liminanas – (I’ve Got) Trouble in Mind
12. The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Hide and Seek
13. Music Machine – The People in Me
14. The Fresh & Onlys – I Would Not Know the Devil
15. Pale Saints – Fell from the Sun
16. Cymbals Eat Guitars – Keep Me Waiting
17. Grandaddy – Chartsengrafs
18. Destroyer – Savage Night at the Opera

I’m not even going to write it this week, but you know what I’m talking about. Liner notes after the jump.
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Batten the Hatches: It’s Summer Fridays 4.14

The calm before the storm. Literally. New York is bracing for the biggest hurricane it’s ever faced (named after Irene Ryan, Granny Clampett was one tough cookie) and I’m just hoping my 100 year-old building will survive the winds. (It survived the earthquake on Monday… what a week!) Until then, or if you’re somewhere not on the East Coast of the United States, please enjoy the collection of mostly jangly pop. This week mostly ping-pongs between now and the mid-’80s (hey, that’s new for me!), with a few stops in the ’90s as well.

Cover art this week is by me. This was taken on the Williamsburg Bridge on a summer Friday back in June. I know I said no Hipstamatic pictures, but I can break my own rules, dammit. Anyway, it’s a nice picture I think.


1. Tommy Keene – Places that are Gone
2. This Many Boyfriends – Young Lovers Go Pop!
3. Easterhouse – Out on Your Own
4. Cut Off Your Hands – Nausea
5. The Smiths – Half a Person
6. Real Estate – It’s Real
7. Kitchens of Distinction – Third Time We Opened the Capsule
8. Violens – Through the Window
9. Psychic TV – Godstar
10. Male Bonding – Tame the Sun
11. The Candyskins – Submarine Song
12. Big Troubles – Misery
13. Girls – Honey Bunny
14. Rockpile – Teacher Teacher
15. Grass~Show – 1962
16. Race Horses – Benidorm
17. A Classic Education – Baby, It’s Fine
18. The Lucy Show – Ephemeral (This is No Heaven)
19. Oberhofer – Gotta Go
20. Oh Minnows – Another Volunteer

Stock up on batteries, water, and read-to-eat food, and no matter what you do…no shuffling! Liner notes after the jump. Continue Reading

Two Mixes is a Sign of a Cluttered Mind: Summer Fridays 4.12

My brain’s not working so good this week. I mistakenly assigned cover art duty for Summer Fridays 4.12 to two people and didn’t realize it until they both sent in the finished work. Instead of asking one of them to redo it, I decided to make two mixes this week. The first, with cover by Daniele Yandel (who plays drums in new Brooklyn band The Gytters), is the “normal” indie rock mix this week.


1. Michael Cronin – Is it Alright
2. Bare Wires – Cheap Perfume
3. Unrest – Winona Ryder
4. Dent May – Wedding Day
5. The Bats – North by Northwest
6. Veronica Falls – Bad Feeling
7. Veronica Lake – Daisy Kiss
8. Domimant Legs – Hoop of Love
9. Hefner – I Took Her Love for Granted
10. The Millepedes – Cold Snap
11. Spectrals – Big Baby
12. Young Husband – Carousel
13. Galaxie 500 – It’s Getting Late
14. The Troggs – Night of the Long Grass
15. Small Factory – Here You Come
16. Lê Almeida – Micropontes
17. The Loft – Up the Hill and Down the Slope
18. Fastest Girl – Neil Armstrong
19. Frankie Rose – Soma
20. Rocketship – Your New Boyfriend

The second was inspired by the Trader Vic’s cocktails on the other cover art, done by Summer Fridays MVP Greg Morris. I don’t know if this would make a cocktail party more successful, but that’s the vibe I was going for.

DOWNLOAD SUMMER FRIDAYS 4.12 (Fancy Drinks Edition)

1. Everything but the Girl – Each and Every One
2. Scott Walker – The Seventh Seal
3. Jerry Goldsmith – Escape from the Planet of the Apes
4. The Soundcarriers – Celleste
5. Prefab Sprout – Cue Fanfare
6. Marden Hill – Curtain
7. Jacques Dutronc – Cactus
8. The Cardigans – Sick and Tired
9. Teddy Randazzo – The Girl from U.N.C.L.E.
10. Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66 – After Sunrise
11. The Stepkids – Suburban Dream
12. Os Mutantes – Bat Macumba
13. Delphine – La Fermeture Eclaire
14. Ennoi Morricone – Sorridimi Sorridimi
15. The Legendary Jim Ruiz – Spain
16. Serge Gainsbourg – Initials B.B.
17. United States of America – Perry Pier
18. The Glitterhouse – Barbarella
19. Jens Lekman – An Argument with Myself

The Summer Fridays mixed drink can be shaken, stirred…but not shuffled! You’ll bruise the mint. I’m gonna try and get liner notes up this weekend, but we’ll see. Enjoy and have a festive weekend!

Information Please: Summer Fridays 4.11

How is it August already? (I think I ask this every year.) Anyway, we’re back with this week’s mix which is a little more hodgepodge than I’ve done this year. We’ve got dance, soul, ’70s obscurities, and the requisite whiteboy indie. But I think it works pretty well and there’s some great new music this week and hopefully some crate digging you’ll dig as well. Art this week by Ben Smith who is pals with famed tagger KOTS and I met at this year’s SXSW Festival where we talked music and neti pots. Yes, it’s a drawing of me. Ben, you’ve got a career on 42nd St. if you ever tire of the West Coast.



1. TV Girl – Benny and the Jetts
2. Pilot – January
3. Zoos of Berlin – Haven’t Eyes
4. The Supremes – It’s Time to Break Down
5. Hall & Oates – I Can’t Go for That
6. Röyksopp – Eple
7. The Drums – Money
8. The Raveonettes – Ignite
9. Widowspeak – Fir Coat
10. The Sneetches – From an Empty Sea
11. The Tyde – Henry VIII
12. Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks – Tigers
13. The Research – The Way You Used to Smile
14. Sly & the Family Stone – Runnin’ Away
15. The Experimental Pop Band – James Remains
16. Erika Spring – Six More Weeks
17. Casiokids – Det haster!
18. US 69 – Yesterday’s Folks
19. Scritti Politti – Cooking

You know the rules — no shuffling. Liner notes are below.

PS: about the download. Over at the Sendspace download page, after clicking the “Regular Download” button, it takes you to a new page. Scroll down and click the “Click here to start download from sendspace” link and not the big DOWNLOAD or PLAY thing at the top…that’s an ad.

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Two Minute Warning: Summer Fridays, ADD Edition

I’ve gone high concept this week, and that is not a reference to this week’s cover art which is by my friend Davie Kaufmann. No, I mean there’s a gimmick: all the songs on Summer Fridays 4.10 are less than two minutes long. All 33 of them (maybe even 34). With this kind of criteria, we don’t really have much in the way of new music (two songs by my count) but quality remains high of course. I’ve tried to vary it up as much as possible because the bulk of the two-minutes-or-less songs in my collection are of the young, loud and snotty variety. If you don’t like a song, just think it’ll be over soon.


1. R.E.M. – White Tornado
2. Lilys – Any Place I’ve Lived
3. The Byrds – The Girl with No Name
4. The Yummy Fur – Policeman
5. The Magnetic Fields – Washington, D.C.
6. Saturday Looks Good to Me – Underwater Heartbeat
7. The Bees – End of the Street
8. Sergio Mendes & Brazil ’66 – Bim-Bom
9. The Undertones – She’s a Run Around
10. Wax Museums – Mosquito Enormo
11. Pavement – Debris Slide
12. Lee “Scratch” Perry – Gumma
13. Carol King – Crying in the Rain
14. Felt – Ferdinand Magellan
15. Grovesnor – Lickstick
16. Minutemen – Maybe Partying Will Help
17. Wire – Champs
18. Young Fresh Fellows – How Much About Last Night Do You Remmeber?
19. Ruts – Out of Order
20. Camper Van Beethoven – Wasted
21. Boyracer – Airport Song
22. Royal Bangs – Loosely Truthing
23. Thrush Hermit – Every Morning I Reread The Postcards
24. Jay Reatard – You’re Gonna Lose
25. The Vaselines – Dum-Dum
26. The Strawberry Alarm Clock – Birds in My Tree
27. Adventures in Stereo – The Attic Walk
28. Fleetwood Mac – That’s Enough for Me
29. The Fall – Terry Waite Sez
30. Shop Assistants – Nature Lover
31. Dead Milkmen – Filet of Sole
32. So Cow – Halcyon Days
33. Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci – The Barafundle Bumbler

Shuffling this mix could cause seizures or blindness: don’t do it! Liner notes, which are all Twitter-length in keeping with the theme, are after the jump.

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Friday on My Mind: Summer Fried Haze 4.7

We’re in it now. It’s July and it’s HOT and I’ve blown my fuses twice already. That’s what I get for making toast with the A/C on. Try not to lose power when cranking this one, though volume should definitely be set to Very Loud. Cover art this week is by Mazing Vids co-conspirator and genius tie-maker Ryan Sovereign did the cover. He’s Summer Fridays’ lucky number, as he did the ace cover for 3.7 last year. Nice job, don’t you think?

Ryan is a post-punk aficionado so I tilted slightly in that direction on this one. Enjoy!


1. Sloan – People of the Sky
2. Robert Pollard – Aspersion
3. Las Kellies – Bling Bling
4. Nightingales – Idiot Strength
5. Grass Widow – Milo Minute
6. Beau & the Arrows –
7. The dB’s – Black and White
8. Peoples Temple – Sons of Stone
9. The Horrors – I Can See Through You
10. Simple Minds – Up on the Catwalk
11. David Bowie – Boys Keep Swinging
12. Hooray for Earth – No Love
13. The Breeders – Saints
14. Super Wild Horses – Black Book
15. Easybeats – Friday on My Mind
16. House of Love – I Don’t Know Why I Love You
17. Helium – Pat’s Trick
18. The Tony Castles – Juice
19. The Legends – There and Back Again
20. Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Teenage Tide

You know the deal: NO SHUFFLING. Please. Or do what you want. Liner notes after the jump.

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As the Worm Turns: Summer Fridays 4.5

Hey it’s the first Summer Fridays of actual Summer! And it’s supposed to rain! Which actually works out ok, given the content this week. Cover art is by Sable Yong who fronts two bands in Brooklyn: Year of the Tiger and Chalk and Numbers. I’m not sure what dissecting a gummi worm says about summer (she calls it “morbid cuteness”) but it kind of reminded me of old 4AD artwork for some reason… so this week’s mix is on the darker side. It does rain in the summer. Usually around 6PM. And with 4AD, there are three classic tracks from the label on here, plus a little shoegaze (old and new) and a bunch of other cool new stuff. Dig in.


1. Colourmusic – Tog
2. Zaza – Are What You Aren’t
3. The Wolfgang Press – Raintime
4. Acid House Kings – Would You Say Stop (Invisible Twin Remix)
5. Kindest Lines – Running Into Next Year
6. ***mystery artist*** – **mystery song**
7. Cocteau Twins – 50-50 Clown
8. SBTRKT – Pharaohs
9. Roberto Cacciapaglia feat. Ann Steel – My Time
10. Wild Beasts – Reach a Bit Further
11. Heart Throbs – Dreamtime
12. Det Vackra Livet – Juni berättar
13. Ghost Animal – In Your Room
14. My Bloody Valentine – When You Sleep
15. Austra – Hate Crime
16. Colourbox – Tarantula
17. Serafina Steer – GSOH

Liner notes after the jump:
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Easy Tiger: Summer Fridays 4.2

Did you know there’s an animal park in Florida that develops bonds between tigers and humans by having them swim together? You probably did, it’s been around for three years. I just found out via this week’s cover art done by my friend and frequent art contributor Kelly Hitzing. If you didn’t, there is such a park and the photos are terrifying. It’s like that Truck-o-Saurus episode of the Simpsons come to life…minus the Truck-o-Saurus and the sharks.

Anyway, my nightmares are your awesome cover art to the second Summer Fridays of 2011. By pure coincidence there’s a song by Cat’s Eyes. And lots of other new music, plus at least one song about the summer which is a cheeseball thing to do and I can’t promise I won’t do it again. But I can promise that the song will be good if I do so. Without further ado…



1. Fun Boy Three – Summertime
2. Cat’s Eyes – A Face in the Crowd
3. Wild Flag – Future Crimes
4. Seapony – Into the Sea
5. pow wow! – It’s Not That Easy
6. The Monochrome Set – Karma Suture
7. Hong Kong in the ’60s – You Can Take a Heart but You Can’t Make it Beat
8. Love Inks – Wave Goodbye
9. Ivy – I Get the Message
10. The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy – Groovin’ in the Bus Lane
11. The Attack – Colour of My Mind
12. Starfucker – Astoria
13. Small Sins – Why Don’t You Believe Me?
14. The Young Knives – Woman
15. The Hollies – Postcard
16. Nina Slash – Candy Box
17. Lemonheads – Confetti
18. The Arctic Monkeys – Suck it and See
19. Dani Sheridan – I Guess I’m Dumb
20. Girls Names – Lawrence
21. Hunters & Collectors – Everything’s on Fire

I know you know, but I can’t post this without reminding you that the songs herein are mixed together, so listening on shuffle would be a bad thing. So don’t do it! Liner notes after the jump.

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