Rooftop Vigilantes | Cake Shop | 2.12.2009

There is a certain brand of rock that just isn't made in New York: shambolic, raucous, but anthemic and super-melodic, with knowing humor. The Midwest, however, excels at this stuff, from the Replacements to Flaming Lips to Tapes n' Tapes. The latest in this line are Lawrence, Kansas' Rooftop Vigilantes who tear it up at Cake Shop. I am always in awe of bands who can thrash around the room while still actually playing. Their album, Carrot Atlas, is 16 songs in just 27 minutes, a total rush. Live, it's faster, sloppy and more awesome of course. Ending the night perfectly, Rooftop Vigilantes dare to cover the Replacements, ripping through a saxophone-free version of "Can't Hardly Wait" which brings the whole thing full circle.

MP3Rooftop Vigilantes – Girls Want Teeth

MP3Rooftop Vigilantes – Drew Want Dino

Rooftop Vigilantes Carrot Atlas is a bit hard to find — not on Insound or Emusic — but you can buy it directly from Woodenman Records for only $8. Worth it.

I shot some video at the show, which you can watch if you click through the jump…

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