Big Lake…Big Lake: Summer Fridays 3.9


I know the wildly variating themes of these mixes, week to week, is probably infuriating to some people. (That’s assuming I have regular readers at this point as infrequent as my posting is here. I keep saying I’ll do better, then I don’t.) It may seem impossible that someone can love Unnatural Helpers and The Fresh & Onlys and still have time to not only listen to, but find merit in the new New Young Pony Club album. Well welcome to me. Man cannot live in Altered Zones 24 hours a day, not this one at least, and I don’t need to have my dancepop drenched in reverb to justify listening to it. (Hey I like Delorean too, don’t get me wrong.) Bitter and defensive much, me? There is currently no running water in my apartment so I am cranky.

Anway: this week is poppy and dancey, maybe in a more 2007 kinda way than right now I dunno. It’s also got Xymox and Naked Eyes and the new Mark Ronson single that I think is pretty undeniably catchy as all get out. And new Deerhunter too which I think fits in just fine. Dig it. Cover art this week comes courtesy Philip Maramba who I’ve known since college and still lives in WV where he is Design Editor for the Charleston Daily Mail. He probably cringes at every typo in this post. Philip also is an avid listener of these mixes despite never seeming to be able to figure out how to make them play in correct running order. Dude, it’s not that hard. The picture was taken Ghent, WV and looks particularly idyllic. And yes, some people in West Virginia do read David Sedaris.




  1. Breakbot – Baby I’m Yours
  2. Deerhunter – Revival
  3. The Superimposers – Seeing is Believing
  4. Captain Sensible – Brenda Pts 1 + 2
  5. School of Seven Bells – Heart is Strange
  6. Xymox – Obsession
  7. Steve Mason – Am I Just a Man?
  8. Psychobuildings – No Man’s Land
  9. New Young Pony Club – Oh Cherie
  10. Naked Eyes – When the Lights Go Out
  11. Guru – Loungin’
  12. Holy Ghost! – Static on the Wire
  13. Mark Ronson & The Business Intl – Bang Bang Bang
  14. Ratatat – Mandy
  15. James Yuill – When You’re on Your Own

Because I will just never stop saying this: what you’ve got here is an actual mix, the songs segue together and much thought has been put into the running order. They are separate tracks though…so NO SHUFFLING. Liner notes after the jump.

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Hayter Lover; or, Various New Young Pony Club News

A couple video-related New Young Pony Club items. First, I buried this sorta deep within a NYPC tourdates post last month, but foxy keyboardist Louise Hayter has a solo side project called The New Sins whose debut single, "It Doesn’t Work Like That," will probably end up somewhere on my Best of 2007 list. It’s icy, but cool, thanks to Hayter’s posh-ish delivery, but the music is very lo-fi, not unlike Tom Vek. I posted the MySpace rip then, but here it is again if you haven’t heard it:

MP3: The New Sins – It Doesn’t Work Like That

The song’s video just got posted on YouTube:

Meanwhile, last night’s episode of MTV2’s Subterranean was dedicated to the release of Rhino’s Brit Box and featured a candid sit-down with NYPC singer Tahita Bulmer and former Suede frontman Brett Anderson. In this clip, Bulmer admits to hating Elastica and calls Radiohead’s first album "crap" (it was), while Brett offers his own views on Elastica’s second-album problems:

Loads more from this interview and other Brit Box related stuff over at

CMJ 2007 Day Three | New Young Pony Club | Studio B

Ida_mariaThe last chord of British Sea Power’s set at Bowery Ballroom was probably still ringing as we jumped in a cab to Studio B to catch New Young Pony Club at Studio B. It had been a long day already and at 1am I was seriously fading. But I loved NYPC when they played at Williamsburg’s White Room last December and was really looking forward to seeing them at what I thought would be the perfect party house venue for them.

For nearly everyone in the room, it was a total dance floor stormer. The place was going mental even without the near constant cheerleadering of singer Tahita Butler and the unexpected note-for-note cover of Technotronic’s "Pump Up the Jam" sent the crowd over the edge. For me, the muddy sound (could not hear Spence’s guitar at all, though it could’ve been my ears, damaged by Biffy Clyro’s set at the Fader Sideshow earlier that day) and my waning energy level had something to do with it. There was also the pervasive, putrid smell of vomit — provided, I’m guessing by the passed out girl by the railings — that helped to sour the evening for me. But even a year later, "Ice Cream" was still pretty sweet.

MP3: New Young Pony Club – "Get Lucky" (Buy NYPC’s Fantastic Playroom)

CMJ 2007 Preview: Thursday Picks

Nypc_whiteroom_1British Sea Power + Pela + 1990s + Tiny Masters Of Today + Stardeath and White Dwarfs + The Grey Race @ Bowery Ballroom (6pm, $17)

New Young Pony Club + Muscels + Simian Mobile Disco (DJ set) + The Cool Kids @ Studio B (11pm, $10)

Islands + Yo Majesty + Thunderheist + Dengue Fever + Octopus Project @ Highline Ballroom (8pm, $20)

Imperial Teen + Aqua Sorba @ Southpaw (9pm, $20)

Division Day + The 1900’s + Let’s Go Sailing @ Union Hall (8pm, $8)

M.I.A. @ Terminal 5 (8pm, $30)

Stars @ Town Hall (8pm, $25 – $30)

I SAY: M.I.A. is certainly tempting, but with it’s location (not near anything else) and her being the only act on the bill makes it not so appealing. Stars are usually pretty good live, but I don’t really like the new album. Instead, I’m heading to Bowery probably just in time to catch Tiny Masters of Today, and bolt right after British Sea Power (always great live) to catch New Young Pony Club at Studio B. NYPC’s show at the White Room was one of my favorites of last year, I’m hoping they’ll replicate it at the best place in NYC to see dance acts. The show at Highline is tempting, though — as is the show at Union Hall. What I really wish is that some booker had had the foresight to put the 1990s and the 1900s on the same bill.

MP3: British Sea Power – Down on the Ground

New Young Pony Club pic swiped from Abbey at Punk Photo.

New Young Pony Club | U.S. Tour, Side Project

New Young Pony Club
are finally coming back to the States and it’s about time. Their last trip here was a brief visit to both coasts in December 2006, including a stop at the White Room in Brooklyn where I only barely resisted the urge to use the headline "I Dig a Pony" in my slightly over-the-top rave review. Brooklyn Vegan, who was also at there that night, said he saw them at the Øya festival in August and wasn’t as impressed that second time, but I have high hopes for their Studio B show on October 18 — .

If you haven’t checked out NYPC’s debut, Fantastic Playroom,  you really should. It’s a great party album, or pre-party album. Not a listen-to-the-lyrics album ("you really have to display information / to discover relativity") but it’s not trying to be. Nearly all the songs are single-worthy, though, which is more than you can say for most records.

MP3: New Young Pony Club – Get Lucky

Here are those tour dates. Sorry, Middle America!

10.18    Studio B | Brooklyn
10.19    Pure | Philidelphia
10.21    Mod Club | Toronto
10.22    Just for Laughs | Montreal
10.24    Subterranean | Chicago
10.26    Hawthorn | Portland
10.27    Necture | Seattle
10.29    Mezzanine | San Fran
10.30    The Echo | Los Angeles

But wait, there’s more? New Young Pony Club’s foxy keyboard player Louise Hayter has a solo project, The New Sins, who are set to release their (it’s just her, actually) debut single, "It Doesn’t Work Like That." NME says it sounds like "Sophie Ellis Bextor fronting a low-key LCD Soundsytem." It doesn’t — though I wouldn’t be opposed to hearing such a thing — but it is pretty great in it’s own posh, standoffish, groovy way.

MP3: The New Sins – It Doesn’t Work Like That"

New Young Pony Club | The Bomb

NypcI don’t think that New Young Pony Club have yet to fully harness the energy they have live onto any of their recordings, but they are getting there with "The Bomb." The subtle vocoder use in the chorus, icy synths, cyclical sequencer lines, and rock-solid rhythm section propelling things ever-forward. It sounds produced but live at the same time. More than almost any of their compatriots, New Young Pony Club are better felt than thought about. (Especially the lyrics, not the band’s strong point.) Turn it up loud and dance.

MP3: New Young Pony Club – The Bomb
| Watch the video

There are reports they are playing with Simian Mobile Disco at the Modular party at Studio B on March 10, but as they’re not playing SXSW this seems less than likely.

New Young Pony Club | Williamsburg White Room | 12.09.2006

I can never put my finger on what "it" is, but one thing is for sure — New Young Pony Club have it. Not since seeing Franz Ferdinand at Pianos three years ago have I had a such a strong feeling of seeing a band that you just knew were going to be big.

There were a hell of a lot more people there to see New Young Pony Club at Williamsburg White Room, a large art space in the basement of a new apartment building ion the corner of South 3rd and Roebling. In this era of blogs and Soulseek, everyone has the same access to information, and I’m guessing three or four hundred people were there to see them. How many in the crowd had actually heard them before I don’t know, but I have no doubt they made a lot of fans tonight.

From the catchy-as-hell, extremely danceable songs, to the tight musicianship, to the effortless charisma of spitfire singer Tahita Bulmer, New Young Pony Club just had their shit together. It was like they were born fully formed, ready for the big time, and I mean that in the best possible way.

I realize I’m hyperbolizing with every sentence, but they seriously knocked me out. Everyone was smiling watching them, and you could tell they were having fun too, and not worried about looking cool. (It goes without saying that they did look cool.) Bulmer said her voice was shot — maybe the spot-on harmonies from the rest of the band covered it up — but she sounded great to me.

Musically, there were some post punk elements there, but not really the ones that have been used over-and-over again in the last three years. This was more Slits or Pigbag or Bow Wow Wow (Bulmer was rocking a Anabella Lwin one-side-shaved hairdo) or the Bodysnatchers. Some Blondie in there too.

If there was one thing that was tired, it was the old adage that New Yorkers are too cool to dance — Bulmer spent a lot of her between-song time trying to get everyone to shake it. "Come on New York…you can do better than that!" Everyone in front of me was dancing, at least. Her frazzled pipes cut the set short at maybe six songs, but not before finishing with an extended version of their first single, "The Get Go," that had a great breakdown with just the "ah ah ahs" — and when they brought it back up everyone was moving. I have a feeling NYPC skip straight to Bowery Ballroom for their next show. Wherever it ends up, I’ll be there.

MP3: New Young Pony Club – "The Get Go"

VIDEO: "Ice Cream" filmed at last night’s show by Cardona the Daniel.

If only the whole night had been as good. Local electronic trio Thieves Like Us opened and I was hoping they’d be decent, as they showed enough good taste to take their name from one of my favorite New Order songs. But, how should I put this… they sucked hard. Maybe they couldn’t hear themselves (there seemed to be PA problems) but it just never jelled; in particular the David Spade lookalike on syn-pad drums just made a mess of things. It sounded like a whole band of Ross Gellars. Few applauded. Painful.

Photo swiped from