Here’s Your 2018 Year-End Mixes

What a year! Even though I only made one Summer Fridays mix, I dig manage to put together year end mixes. Here you go! You check out my Favorite Albums and EPs lists over at

Streaming players and individual mix downloads are below. See ya in 2019!

1. The Beths – You Wouldn’t Like Me
2. Kero Kero Bonito – You Know How it Is
3. Ty Segall & White Fence – Body Behavior
4. Tim Cohen – Modern World
5. Honey Hahs – I Know You Know
6. 77:78 – Love Said (Let’s Go)
7. Kelley Stoltz – Rolling Tambourine
8. Cut Worms – Till Tomorow Goes Away
9. The Goon Sax – Make Time 4 Love
10. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – Talking Straight
11. Woolen Men – Brick Horizon
12. Papercuts – How to Quit Smoking
13. Salad Boys – Choking Sick
14. The Bevis Frond – A Hard Way to Learn
15. Ethers – Running Through the Night
16. Flasher – Pressure
17. wimps – OPP
18. Terry – The Whip
19. Go-Kart Mozart – When You’re Depressed
20. Insecure Men – Teenage Toy
21. Hater – It’s So Easy
22. Wand – The Gift
23. Sloan – 44 Teenagers


1. The Orielles – Bobbi’s Second World
2. MGMT – She Works Out Too Much
3. MUNYA – Hotel Delmano
4. Hollie Cook – Angel Fire
5. Gruff Rhys – Limited Edition Heart
6. Bonny Doon – I Am Here
7. Dungen & Woods – Loop
8. The Fernweh – Next Time Around
9. Fenster – The Room
10. Mystery Artist – Mystery Song
11. Shannon Shaw – Freddies n’ Teddies
12. Unloved – Love
13. Winter & Triptides – Dolce Violetta
14. Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks – Solid Silk
15. Taken By Trees – Doin’ Time
16. Tunng – ABOP
17. Part Time – So Far Away
18. Suede – Don’t Be Afraid if Nobody Loves You
19. Low – Disarray


1. Roisin Murphy – All My Dreams
2. U.S. Girls – Pearly Gates
3. Lindstrom – Blinded by the LEDs
4. AMOR – Glimpses Across Thunder
5. Bjørn Torske – Clean Air
6. Neneh Cherry – Kong
7. Shook – Deep Dive
8. DJ Koze – Pick Up
9. Sound Bites Best of 2018 V3 – 08-mr-twin-sister
10. B.E.D. – Centipedes
11. audiobooks – Friends in the Bubble Bath
12. Confidence Man – Out the Window
13. Soulwax – Essential Four
14. Klaus Johann Grobe – Out of Reach


1. Melody’s Echo Chamber – Desert Horse
2. Beak> – Brean Down
3. Bodega – Name Escape
4. Shopping – Asking for a Friend
5. Lake Ruth – Julia’s Call
6. Pozi – KCTMO
7. Cavern Of Anti-Matter – Make Out Fade Out
8. Gwenno – Eus Keus?
9. Virgina Wing – The Second Shift
10. The Green Child – Her Majesty II
11. J. Fernandez – Volcanic Winter
12. Halo Maud – Du Pouvoir/Power
13. Cornershop – Double Denim Nights
14. Escape-ism – Nothing Personal
15. Arctic Monkeys – American Sports
16. Drinks – Real Outside
17. Peel Dream Magazine – Qi Velocity
18. Anemone – Baby Only You & I
19. Warmduscher – I Got Friends
20. Tropical Fuck Storm – The Future of History
21. Laibach – Sixteen Going on Seventeen


1. Protomartyr – Wheel of Fortune
2. Bambara – Jose Tries to Leave
3. Viagra Boys – Just Like You
4. Les Big Byrd – Geräusche
5. Lesser Evil – Sight Of
6. Champagne Superchillin – Amor Fati
7. En Attendant Ana – The Violence Inside
8. Dean Wareham Vs Cheval Chambre – A Bend in the River
9. The Coral – She’s a Runaway
10. The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Hold That Thought
11. No Joy & Sonic Boom – Slorb
12. BC Camplight – I’m in a Weird Place Now
13. Sound Bites Best of 2018 V5 – 13-iceage
14. Sauna Youth – Percentages
15. Lithics – Specs
16. Public Practice – Fate/Glory
17. Ulrika Spacek – Black Mould


Still Feels Like Summer (Fridays 10.5)

This year was kind of a total fail for these mixes but I did want to put up one last one while you could still go out without a coat, especially as my friend Heloise spent hours and hours making the cover art you see above. And I had a bunch of songs I still wanted to use, including the awesome new King Krule song. One good thing about less mixes is there’s less filler, right? Anyway, here we are for downloading or streaming.


Summer Fridays 10.5 Tracklist:
1. Kommode – Captain of Your Sinking Ship
2. Steely Dan – FM
3. King Krule – Dum Surfer
4. The Horrors – Machine
5. Beach Fossils – Sugar
6. Captain Sensible – Martha the Mouth
7. MINKS – Romans
8. Dent May – Take Me to Heaven
9. Girl Ray – Don’t Go Back at 10
10. Manuela – Cracks in the Concrete
11. The World – Hot Shopper
12. Puberty – Parties
13. Tashaki Miyaki – Girls on TV
14. Patience – White Of An Eye
15. Saint Etienne – Whyteleafe
16. The Clientele – Lunar Days
17. The Beat – Walk Away
18. TOPS – Petals
19. Yumi Zouma – Champagne Supernova

Will these be back in 2018? Will any of us? Stay tuned!

People love it when you lose: Summer Fridays 10.4

It’s Labor Day Weekend and I haven’t done so well with cranking out the mixes this year, but here’s #4 which is one of the weirder mixes I’ve ever made including at least one artist I pretty much would’ve never thought I’d ever put on one of these. But King of the Streets, whose digital graffiti graces this week’s cover, told me to seek inspiration from his artwork…so blame him! There’s also at least three amazing new songs here, via Baxter Dury, LCD Soundsystem and Kelley Stoltz. And inbetween…please enjoy!

There are, technically, three more weeks of summer so I’m gonna try and finish strong. See you next week.


1. Baxter Dury – Miami
2. Eddy Grant – Electric Avenue
3. Coldcut x On-U Sound – Kajra Mohobbat Wala feat. Hamsika Iyer
4. Soulwax – Another Excuse (DFA Remix)
5. Cornelius – In a Dream
6. Imagination – Just an Illusion
7. Shit & Shine – Long Island City
8. Don Henley – Dirty Laundry
9. LCD Soundsystem – I Used To
10. Big Audio Dynamite – Sightsee MC!
11. L’ Trimm – The Cars That Go Boom
12. Art Attacks – Can’t Stand It
13. UB40 – Food for Thought
14. Kelley Stoltz – Empty Kicks

Those Were the (Summer Fri)Days

Have you read Meet Me In The Bathroom? It’s an oral history of the early-’00s NYC music scene and is pretty entertaining even if it leaves out a lot of stuff. It really did feel like a special time, especially coming off the ’90s where there wasn’t much going on locally/musically. Living in Williamsburg at the time and being a music fan, it was hard to avoid. With that in mind, here’s a Summer Fridays mix with songs pulled entirely from that era (2000 – 2005). No cocaine necessary to enjoy it!


1. The Strokes – Barely Legal
2. The Rodgers Sisters – Chain Reaction
3. Calla – Strangler
4. Interpol – PDA
5. TV on the Radio – Staring at the Sun
6. Stellastarr – My Coco
7. The Walkmen – The Rat
8. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Date With the Night
9. Liars – Mr Your On Mr. Fire
10. Out Hud – On Life to Leave
11. LCD Soundsystem – Yr City’s a Sucker
12. The Rapture – House of Jealous Lovers
13. Diamond Nights – Saturday Night
14. Le Tigre – Deceptacon
15. Les Savy Fav – The Sweat Descendes
16. The Secret Machines – Nowhere Again
17. Ambulance LTD – Heavy Lifting
18. The Cloud Room – Hey Now Now
19. !!! – Me And Giuliani Down By The School Yard (A True Story)


There will be more Summer Fridays before the summer’s over, I promise.

Quel oiseau magnifique! Summer Fridays 10.2 (Bastille Day édition)

It’s Bastille Day and Friday, so that means an all-French edition of Summer Fridays. I’ve done a few of these and feared I’d gone to the well too many times, so I got some help from some friends. Crowdsourcing works! I had an abundance of stuff to choose from but kept being drawn to the dancier songs, so that’s the direction this one takes. There are a few repeat offenders (MC Solaar, Lio, Bertrand Burgalat) but a lot of this was new to me too. I’ve listened to this one a few times through and I dig it. Enjoy!


1. Calypso Valois – Vis a Vie
2. Paradis – La Ballade de Jim
3. Yelle – La Musique (Terp remix)
4. Lizzy Mercier Descloux – Fire
5. Le Couleur – Underage
6. Guru/MC Solaar – Le Bien, Le Mai
7. Cannibale – Diabolik Prank
8. Corine – Porquoi Porquoi
9. Charlotte Adigéry – Le Froid
10. Francois & The Atlas Mountains – Grand Dereglement
11. Bertrand Burgalat – Ultradevotion
12. Lockett Pundt – Femme fantôme
13. Lio – Banana Split
14. Aquaserge – Si loin, si proche
15. Veroique Jannot – Aviateur
16. Kid Creole & the Coconuts – Les Vitrines
17. Dylarama – Saison Estivale
18. M Farmer – Tristana
19. Orval Carlos Sibelius – Coeur De Verre

Maybe she’ll call me back: Summer Fridays 10.1

Can you believe this is the is the tenth summer of Summer Fridays mixes? When I started these, 2008, George W Bush was still in office, we were on the brink of the real estate bust and recession, and I’d just been laid off work. Those were the days, huh! Well, we’re all still here, and thanks for sticking around. I’m gonna try and do these every Friday, we’ll see. Anyway, here’s the first of 2017, opening with a brand new Baby Dayliner song — his first new music since Summer Fridays existed. We’ve also got new Broken Social Scene, Melody’s Echo Chamber, Cold Beat…as well as oldies by Bowie, Eno and more.

You can stream it, or download. Enjoy!


1. Baby Dayliner – You Push, I’ll Go
2. Brian Eno – Backwater
3. Johnny Gamboa – That Good Old Feeling Back Again
4. Melody’s Echo Chamber – Cross My Heart
5. Cymbals – Decay
6. Bill Nelson – Hope for the Heartbeat
7. Cold Beat – Don’t Touch
8. Elastica – 2:1
9. Fazerdaze – Lucky Girl
10. Broken Social Scene – Protest Song
11. Deep Throat Choir – Be OK
12. David Bowie – Without You
13. CAN – I’m So Green
14. Guerilla Toss – TV Do Tell
15. Molly Nilsson – Mona Lisa’s Smile
16. Sneaks – Inside Edition
17. Terry – Take Me to the City
18. Klark Kent – Theme for Kinetic Ritual

Frou-Frou Foxes in Midsummer Fridays 8.6


Heyo, we’re back with another Summer Fridays mix on a summer Saturday. That’s ok, right? This week’s cover art is by Katie Harkin of the band Sky Larkin, who has done cover art for my end-of-year mixes before. You may also recognize her from the current live incarnation of Sleater-Kinney, as she was drafted to help out Corin, Carrie and Janet with extra guitar, keyboards and percussion. She’s also doing her first-ever solo show in London this September opening for Torres, so if you’re over that way, go see her!

This week’s mix has a lot of new music I really like (Cold Beat, La Luz, Chastity Belt, Flesh World) and, of course, some old favorites. How have I made 80+ Summer Fridays mixes and NEVER put Electrelane on one? That is now corrected. I always say this, but if you’re downloading and listening, don’t shuffle — this mix in particular has lots of nips and tucks and will sound extremely disjointed on shuffle. (Also I’m super proud of the segue between Chastity Belt and Widowspeak.) Of course if you’re streaming it you have no choice but to listen to it my way. I think it turned out real good.


or stream it…

Summer Fridays 8.6 by Soundbitesnyc on Mixcloud

And Here’s the tracklist:

1. Cracks – Cold Beat
2. On Parade – Electrelane
3. You Disappear – La Luz
4. Sad Channels – Bad Channels
5. Burial in Twos – No Joy
6. Thread of Light – Pale Saints
7. Patriarchaeth – Gwenno
8. River of Longing – Blank Realm
9. Hitch-Hike – LiLiPUT
10. Just to Tear Me Down – Flesh World
11. Honey Power – My Bloody Valentine
12. Joke – Chastity Belt
13. All Yours – Widowspeak
14. Saw the Light – Seapony
15. Sparks – Beach House
16. Cranekiss – Tamaryn
17. Frou-Frou Foxes in Midsummer Fires – Cocteau Twins

Aboard the Sopwith Camel: Summer Fridays 8.5


Happy Independence Day Weekend here and I hope everyone’s having a swell three-day holiday. The cover art to this week’s mix comes from Jack Cooper of the bands Ultimate Painting and Mazes. I think I may have had that Flying Ace Snoopy patch as a kid. Maybe. The new Ultimate Painting album, Green Lanes, is out soon and is awesome (look for a track on a future Summer Fridays), and the UP live experience will be in North America soon and that I highly recommend as well.

I usually let whoever does cover art pick a song and Jack choose Moon Gang‘s “ii” which is some heavy, droney, krauty stuff and 100% affected the direction of this week’s mix. It turned out well and I’ve never made a mix quite like it, so that’s something.

PS, if you’re asking yourself “What happened to Summer Friday 8.4?” well artwork got “lost in transit” and I’ll put it up when it gets here, ok? Meanwhile dig into this.

Summer Fridays 8.5 by Soundbitesnyc on Mixcloud


1. Spacemen 3 – Big City
2. Moon Duo – Slow Down Low
3. Harmonia – DeLuxe (Immer Wieder)
4. Holograma – In Your Head
5. Cat’s Eyes – Door No. 2
6. Eaters – This is Round
7. Moon Gangs – ii
8. Espectrostatic – Please Be Careful as You Exit
9. Verve – Beautiful Mind
10. The Caretater – The sublime is disappointingly elusive
11. Augustus Pablo – Vibrate Onn (dub)
12. Julian Cope – Psychedelic Revolution
13. Tess Parks and Anton Newcombe – Cocaine Cat
14. Spiritualized – Anyway That You Want Me

If you’re downloading this, no listening on shuffle — all the songs blur into one another, especially on this mix. Enjoy!

$6000? It’s not even leather! Summer Fridays 8.3

summer fridays

It’s almost actually summer and here come’s this season’s third mix. Cover art, featuring the lovely Joan Cusack in Working Girl, was made by Kevin Alvir who fronts Brooklyn’s The Hairs (who are back in business). When he thinks mix he thinks mixtape, hence the rectangular shape. As for song selections, Kevin requested Bill Fox so that put things on a definite indie rock bent. Some cool new stuff this week (Sauna Youth, Pinact, Warm Soda, Jaill) and lots of oldies too — note the version of The Feelies “Fa Ce La” is from the Ork Records box set and be prepared for it to blow your mind (especially if you’re familiar with the Crazy Rhythms version). Dig in, download or stream.

Summer Fridays 8.3 by Soundbitesnyc on Mixcloud


And here’s the tracklist:
1) The Feelies – Fa Ce La (Ork Records version)
2) Sauna Youth – Try to Leave
3) Expert Alterations – Venetian Blinds
4) Courtney Barnett – Debbie Downer
5) The Tyde – Do it Again
6) Unlikely Friends – Please Lorraine
7) Gorky’s Zygotic Monkey – Y Ffordd Oren
8) Home Blitz – I’m That Key
9) Bill Fox – Way Way Down
10) J Fernandez – Read My Mind
11) Novella – Phrases
12) The Aislers Set – Been Hiding
13) Pinact – Scars
14) Superchunk – 1000 Pounds
15) PINS – Young Girls
17) Jaill – I Got an F
18) Warm Soda – I Know the Cure
19) Christopher Dedrick – Another Loser Fuckup
20) Kid Wave – Gloom

Dog Days: Summer Fridays 8.2

Summer Fridays 8.2

Whoa that’s a big hot dog! Welcome to the second installment of Summer Fridays 2015 and this week’s cover is done by Summer Fridays MVP Greg Morris. As usual I pair his art with a groovy-leaning mix, and this one turned out well I think. We’ve got new stuff from Hot Chip, TV Girl, Roisin Murphy and Happy Mondays frontman Shaun Ryder, and a bunch of classic cuts from Chic, Stetsasonic, Can and more. Dive in, mind the bun…


No shuffling! You can also just stream it (where shuffling’s not an option):

Summer Fridays 8.2 by Soundbitesnyc on Mixcloud

1) Chic – Sometimes You Win
2) Hot Chip – Easy to Get
3) Pacific – Poolside Bungalow
4) Dan Lissvik – Airwalk
5) Gina X Performance – Nice Mover
6) US Girls – Damn That Valley
7) Shaun Ryder – Close the Dam
8) Can – I Want More
9) Doomsquad – Apocalypso
10) Fantastic Plastic Machine – L’Aventure Fantastique
11) TV Girl – Natalie Wood
12) Stetsasonic – All That Jazz
13) Experimental Pop Band – Funky Huxley
14) Coldcut – My Telephone
15) Clio – Faces
16) Roisin Murphy – Exploitation

See ya next week!