Jack Peñate | Bruar Falls | 6.03.2009


Everything is New, indeed. Judging by Jack Peñate's show at Bruar Falls, it's not just the title of his new album, it's a promise. The singer played seven of the nine songs from his new, world-influenced sophomore LP, and not one track from his mildly-received, rockabilly-inflected debut. A step in the right direction, I think, as Everything is New is more varied, sexier, and a great showcase for Peñate's slightly-smoky pipes; a summer-in-the-city album that feels like a 100-degree day where you want to peel the humidity off your body. Peñate and his band didn't completely have the kinks worked out (new single "Be the One" hasn't quite escaped the studio), though to be fair it seemed more due to Bruar Fall's minimalist PA setup than musicianship. But he did his best to make up for it with enthusiasm and charisma, of which he has no shortage.

Jack Peñate – Today's Tonight

XL Recordings will release Everything is New in the U.S. in August. Peñate plays Pianos tonight.  Here's video of maybe my favorite song from the album, "Every Glance":