Friday Night Lights Season 2 Premiere Tonight

I should’ve posted this earlier, but just a reminder that the Season 2 premiere of Friday Night Lights is tonight at 9pm. It’s good that the show is now actually on the night of its name but I imagine this will be one of the most time-shifted (industry speak for watching it on another night via DVR) shows of the week. Then again, I live in a big city, maybe people in other parts of the country stay home and watch TV on Friday nights. When I was growing up Dallas was the biggest thing on television and that was on Friday nights at 10pm.

Anyway, you should watch. You’ve probably heard it enough about how good FNL is, but it barely got picked up for Season 2, so set your DVRs if you got ’em. And if you haven’t watched it at all, you can get the First Season DVD Set for less than $20 — with a money-back guarantee if you don’t like it.

I’ve seen the Season 2 premiere and it’s just as good as last year… until Something Happens in the last ten minutes which makes me and others who’ve seen it already worry that the suits at NBC have forced the producers to throw in some overly melodramatic plotlines to get more viewers into what is one of the more realistic portraits of small town life ever on TV and the best portrayal of high school since Freaks and Geeks. (Even if the actors are too old for high school, but that’s been a problem since Happy Days.) It’s even more troubling as it involves one of my favorite characters — Landry, who has been mainly a welcome source of comic relief. But for now I’m trusting that FNL main man Jason Katims is not going to allow this show to so obviously fumble. I know, but hey, I’m allowed one lame football reference.

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