A Splotch, a Blotch, it’s Summer Fridays 3.14


This is the last Summer Friday of August but we've still got a few week of mixes to go. I run them through the actual end of summer, so there's three more after this. Cover art this week by Robyn Lee who has the enviable job of working for Serious Eats where, among other things, is editor of A Hamburger Today. (They really need to try the Commodore's burger which is the best in Williamsburg.) She also has her own site, The Girl Who Ate Everything which is also worth checking out. (Robyn used to have a good music blog too which I wish she still did! I'm one to talk.) It's also worth mentioning that it is ROBYN'S BIRTHDAY TODAY. I wish this blog was a Sixth Street Indian Restaurant 'cause if it was, lights would be flashing with weird disco music blaring. HAPPPPPPYYYYYYBIIIIIRRRRTHDAY!!!

Musically-speaking, this week's mix is strictly a white jeans affair. It all stemmed from news about this Orange Juice box set that's coming out on Domino, and then I was all "ooh I should put on some Style Council and Haircut One Hundred and Eggstone and Magic Bullets" and here we are. Light the tiki torches, pour yourself a cocktail… and beware of the blob!


Here's the tracklist:

  1. Seinking Ships – Digging His Own Hole (ft Miki Berenyi)
  2. The Wolfgang Press – Heaven's Gate
  3. Eggstone – Tarasamalata
  4. Kings of Convenience – Gold for the Price of Silver
  5. Belleruche – Clockwatching
  6. Club 8 – Isn't That Great?
  7. Magic Bullets – Millions of People Running Around
  8. Orange Juice – Flesh of My Flesh
  9. Dominant Legs – About My Girls
  10. The Style Council – Have You Ever Had it Blue?
  11. Frankie & the Heartstrings -Ungrateful
  12. The Beat – Sole Salvation
  13. The Beets – God
  14. Beck – Tropicalia
  15. Top Sound – A Matter of Precision
  16. Haircut One Hundred – Lemon Firebrigade
  17. The Five Blobs – The Blob

While wearing white jeans past labor day is now considered acceptable, listening to this mix on shuffle would be a faux pas. Liner notes after the jump.

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It’s the Time of the Season for Mixes: Summer Fridays 3.1


We're still three weeks away from the official start of the summer, but with temperatures in the '80s and Memorial Day Weekend upon us… close enough. So here's the first of a season's worth of mixes, made just for you. Having a little extra time for this one I redid it multiple times, tweaking here and there, and am pretty happy with what's now before you. Hope you like it. Cover art for this first mix of 2010 is by frequent contributor Kate Bryant and is the first to features a fold-able insert with track listing. If you'd like to contribute art to a mix, please do get in touch. No one wants me designing anything.

As always, the songs segue into one another, so no shuffle please! Here's the link:


And the tracklist:

  1. The Crayon Fields – Voice of Paradise
  2. Club 8 – Dancing with the Mentally Ill
  3. David Snell – International Flight
  4. The Cyrkle – Red Rubber Ball
  5. Allo Darlin – The Polaroid Song
  6. The New Pornographers – Silver Jenny Dollar
  7. Sambassadeur – Days
  8. The Embassy – Time's Tight
  9. Kelley Stoltz – Pincecone
  10. Art Musems – Sculpture Gardens
  11. The Particles – Apricot's Dream
  12. Eternal Summers – Able To
  13. Air Waves – Knockout
  14. Veronica Falls – Beachy Head
  15. The What Four – I'm Gonna Destroy That Boy
  16. The Monochrome Set – Eine Symphonie Des Grauens
  17. Biff Bang Pow – Someone Stole My Wheels
  18. The Depreciation Guild – Crucify You
  19. Jack Nitzche – The Lonely Surfer
  20. Comet Gain – I Never Happened
  21. Avi Buffalo – Truth Sets In
  22. Burt Bacharach – Something Big

Liner notes for the curious are after the jump.


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