Chinese Kids are Chowin’ Down

Fried Dumpling-Mosco Street
In these wintry economic times, everyone can appreciate a bargain, especially a delicious one. On German Measles' debut EP, the Brooklyn band sing the praises of five-dumplings-for-a-dollar joint Fried Dumping. "There's a groovy place where you can always go, just gather up your change and head to Mosco!" A band who for a long time seemed to exist mainly to get f-ed up on stage have straightened up lately, to the point that I'd actually call them competent. Enjoyable even.Their recordings are the lowest of fi, but have a sort of sloppy protopunk charm. I dig it.

MP3: German Measles – Mosco Street (Buy it from Insound or Emusic)

The song also serves to note that Fried Dumpling's original Allen St. location no longer exists — so head to Mosco! Or, just go to Vanessa's Dumpling House on Eldridge which I personally think is a lot better than Fried Dumpling. It's got the same five-for-a-buck deal, the dumplings are superior and  – even better — you can also get their awesome sesame pancake sandwiches filled with pickled carrot, cilantro and the protein of your choice. (I like the duck.) Only $1.50!

For more cheap dumpling action, Grub Street took celebrity chef Ming Tsai on a dumpling crawl and he rates his Top Ten. 

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