Bearsuit + Boy Genius | Cake Shop | 10.13.2008



I'm not sure Bearsuit really need the costumes but I do appreciate the effort. The sextet from Norwich, England, draped in blue capes, have enough going on already, what with the flutes and melodicas, various cheapo keyboards, tambourines…not to mention guitars, bass, and drums. Not to mention, of course, great songs and an infectious energy. 

This was thier NYC debut — they were supposed to play here back in March 2007 on their way to SXSW but ended up getting deported instead. (They do look threatening, don't they?) The crowd was small but enthusiastic crowd, which included a highly-intoxicated birthday party, and certainly made the band feel welcome. Luckily for the revelers, Bearsuit are the Ultimate Party Band. In some circles, at least. Here they are doing "Foxy Boxer":

And here's a couple MP3s:

MP3Bearsuit – Foxy Boxer

MP3Bearsuit – Itsuko Got Married

NYC Taper was there too and has the whole show available to download. They'll be playing his free day party at Cake Shop on Thursday, October 23rd. (They're on at 6PM.) Bearsuit visit the East Coast and the Midwest before heading back to NYC for CMJ, where they'll be playing a whole bunch of shows.

Opening was Brooklyn-via-Connecticut quartet Boy Genius who I've meant to write about for about six months but haven't quite worked slotted in time to do so what with all the Crystal Stilts shows I go to and the new Fall television season. This was my first time seeing them and while I like their CD, they are definitely better in person. Watching them, I was reminded of the wave of jangly bands that came in R.E.M.'s wake in the mid-'80s, a comparison reinforced by their cover of Miracle Legion's classic single "The Backyard." There's also a little bit of The Bats in Marisa Cerio's snaky guitar leads. It's a checklist of Things I Like, especially on their faster songs which suit them best. Boy Genius are playing this Saturday with Elk City at Union Hall.

And those Bearsuit tourdates…

Oct 14 The M Room    Philadelphia PA
Oct 16 Beachland Tavern w/ The Afternoon Naps    Cleveland OH
Oct 17 The Elbow Room w/ Pizazz, Woven & Wild Years    Ypsilanti, MI
Oct 18 DAAC    Grand Rapids, MI
Oct 19 Schubas w/Canasta, Pale Young Gentlemen & Colour Me Pop DJs    Chicago, Illinois
Oct 20 CBGB w /Bunny Grunt    St Louis, MO
Oct 21 GARFIELD ARTWORKS    Pittsburgh PA
Oct 22 CMJ showcase @ Spike Hill    Brooklyn NYC
Oct 23 NYCtaper CMJ SHOWCASE @ The Cake Shop    New York
Oct 25 The Yard    Brooklyn, NY