CMJ 2007 Day Two| Bella | Knitting Factory Old Office

BellaBest stage accoutrement ever: a tiny little table lamp with the Bella logo stitched into the shade that was perched on the guitar amp. I tried to take a picture of it (you can see it under the KF logo in this picture) but the white balance makes it to bright to really see it in all its darling glory.

Bella are cute like that. But not twee. The Canadaian-American trio mix the sweet and salty: boy-girl vocals full of "bah bahs" and harmonies, but also crunchy guitars and a healthy dose of attitude. Their debut, No One Will Know, is fairly slick but live, Bella are messier and loud with the three members switching instruments every few songs.quite a lot over the last couple months.

The Knitting Factory Old Office, where the Mint Records showcase was happening, is nobody’s idea of an ideal venue, but it felt more like a party than most gigs. CBC beverage cozies and decorated bags of candy were tossed into the crowd. You could tell most of the audience knew the bands. (They were likely the other bands on the bill.) I had to dash off to the Music Hall of Williamsburg after their set, so I didn’t get to see the other bands (maybe I would’ve stayed if they’d brought Novillero and the Bicycles back this year) but my second night of CMJ definitely started on a good note.

MP3: DBella – Give it a Night
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Bumpershine was there too, and pretty sure I saw the Modern Age, but no posts by her on it so cannot confirm or deny.

CMJ 2007 Preview: Wednesday Picks

Brooklyn Vegan Day Party w/ Celebration + The Meat Puppets + THE DEATHSET + Joan as Policewoman + Le Loup + Team Robespierre + Cut Off Your Hands @ Pianos. (Noon – 6pm FREE)

Pirate Pirate Day Party w/ Billy Bragg, Imperial Teen, Bella, Time Fite, Cadence Weapon and Most Serene Republic @ Arlene’s Grocery (Noon – 5pm FREE)

Gothamist House w/ Reverand Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping + Charles Bissell + The Forms + Aaron Behrens + Peasant + O’Death + Cut Off Your Hands @ White Rabbit(2pm – 8pm, FREE)

A Place To Bury Strangers + Foals + Cadence Weapon + Sam Champion + Yeasayer + Alberta Cross @ Music Hall of Williamsburg (8pm, $14)

Deerhunter + Dan Deacon + No Age + White Williams + Ponytail @ Bowery Ballroom (7pm, SOLD OUT)

The Rosebuds + Gabby Glaser + The Ladybug Transistor + The Hot IQs @ Union Hall (8pm, $10)

Mint Records Night w/ Kate Steele of Little Birdy + The Awkward Stage + Bella + Carolyn Mark @ Knitting Factory (8:30pm, $10)

I SAY: Take the day off work or call in sick — there are two amazing day parties happening, right around the corner from each other. The big news is Billy Bragg playing the Pirate! Presents party. He is a total charmer, and probably hasn’t played a venue this small in NYC since Talking to the Taxman About Poetry. But the rest of the bill is good too– I really want to see Canadian synth-pop trio Bella, who also play Knitting Factory later that night.with some other Mint Records bands. Plus:
Imperial Teen, Tim Fite, Most Serene Republic… you can’t lose, though I have a feeling it’s going to be a bitch to get into. | You also don’t want to miss
the Brookyn Vegan day party at Pianos. The entire lineup is killer, and
I’m especially looking forward to Australia’s Cut Off Your Hands. Plus,
BBC 1’s foxy Annie Mac will be DJing. | If you don’t make it to Pianos
in time to catch COYH, they’re playing at 2:15 at White Rabbit, just a
couple blocks away as part of Gothamist House. Also on the bill:
Charles Bissell of the Wrens, so if you’ve ever wondered what Pitchfork photog Kathryn Yu looks like, I have a feeling she’ll be here. |
As for the night shows, I recommend the After the Jump Fest at MHOW. British dancepunks Foals are making their NYC debut, plus the space age hippie vibes of Yeasayer, and the sheer volume of A Place to Bury Strangers. | If you missed the Rosebuds at Bowery on Tuesday, they’re now playing at Union Hall with the usually good Ladybug Transistor and former Luscious Jackson guitarist Gabby Glaser (who I saw last month at Merc and wasn’t so good). | And again, our Canadian neighbors at Mint Records hold court at Knitting Factory Old Office with the afformentioned Bella, and The Akward Stage (who I saw last year), Kate Steele (sister of Luke of Sleepy Jackson fame) and Carolyn Mark. | That Dan Deacon show will probably be the most sought-after gig of the night (advance tickets are sold out), which is reason enough to skip it.

MP3: Yeasayer – 2080

MP3: Bella – Stay Here

A Place to Bury Strangers pic swiped from Mercurian’s Flickr photostream.