Still Feels Like Summer (Fridays 10.5)

This year was kind of a total fail for these mixes but I did want to put up one last one while you could still go out without a coat, especially as my friend Heloise spent hours and hours making the cover art you see above. And I had a bunch of songs I still wanted to use, including the awesome new King Krule song. One good thing about less mixes is there’s less filler, right? Anyway, here we are for downloading or streaming.


Summer Fridays 10.5 Tracklist:
1. Kommode – Captain of Your Sinking Ship
2. Steely Dan – FM
3. King Krule – Dum Surfer
4. The Horrors – Machine
5. Beach Fossils – Sugar
6. Captain Sensible – Martha the Mouth
7. MINKS – Romans
8. Dent May – Take Me to Heaven
9. Girl Ray – Don’t Go Back at 10
10. Manuela – Cracks in the Concrete
11. The World – Hot Shopper
12. Puberty – Parties
13. Tashaki Miyaki – Girls on TV
14. Patience – White Of An Eye
15. Saint Etienne – Whyteleafe
16. The Clientele – Lunar Days
17. The Beat – Walk Away
18. TOPS – Petals
19. Yumi Zouma – Champagne Supernova

Will these be back in 2018? Will any of us? Stay tuned!


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