Conditions Mild: Summer Fridays 9.3


It’s a laid-back mix this week as Summer Fridays head into the long shadows of August. I really love this Ultimate Painting song that leads things off, and the whole thing works pretty well in a chilled out groove. Cover art this week is by my good friend Don Gochenour who actually made that “hours” sign and then stuck it on some store’s door and then photographed it! Very cool.


Or stream it:

1) Ultimate Painting – Bills
2) Steve Gunn – Conditions Wild
3) Salako – The Bird & the Bag
4) Eerie Wanda – I Am Over Here
5) The Go-Betweens – Surfing Magazine
6) Amber Arcades – Fading Lines
7) The Radio Dept. – This Repeated Sodomy
8) The Chills – Rolling Moon
9) The Goon Sax – Sweaty Hands
10) Miracle Legion – Butterflies
11) JC Flowers – China Girl
12) Morgan Delt – I Don’t Want to See What’s Happening Outside
13) The Feelies – Sooner or Later
14) EZTV – High Flying Faith
15) Let’s Active – Talking to Myself
16) The Moles – Dreamland
17) Chook Race – Hard to Clean
18) Starbreaker – Sound of Summer


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