Finally….Summer Fridays 9.1


I know, I know. No end of year mixes for 2015. No Wintry mixes or Sound Bites of Spring. You may have thought I was gone forever. Just a late start — I moved apartments for the first time in 18 years which took up a whole lot of my early summer. Anyway, we’re back and very happy to be here. Not sure if I’ll be able to do every Friday, but I’m hoping at least every other Friday during this summer.

Lots of great music on this one old and new. Cover art picture is by my friend and “internet wizard” Adam Sypnier. Thanks for sticking around. Hope you’re summer’s going ok despite the entire world going to shit. Enjoy.


Or stream it:

1. Field Music – The Noisy Days are Over
2. Cornelius – Star Fruits Surf Rider
3. Roy Budd – Getting Nowhere in a Hurry
4. Cat’s Eyes – Drag
5. The Pioneers – Time Hard
6. Woods – I Can’t See at All
7. Pastor T.L. Barnett – Like a Ship
8. Whitney – The Falls
9. Mandingo – Black Rite
10. Cate Le Bon – We Might Revolve
11. Rexy – Perfect Day
12. Sonny & Cher – Moods, Baby, Moods
13. Bantu Clan vs Sarabi – Africa Ni Leo
14. Beyond The Wizards Sleeve – Door to Tomorrow
15. Cut Worms – Don’t Wanna Say Goodbye


  1. who the fuck are the screws shilling youtube ads up top!? no one wants that shit. get out

    i am so glad that you've made new summer mixes. over the last few years your comps have introduced me to a lot of new music and acts that i might never have come across otherwise.thanks and keep up the good work!

    also, track#12 is sonny & the sunsets. not & cher.

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