Rrrrrrrrev UP: Summer Fridays 6.4!


I don’t know about where you live, gentle reader, but here in Brooklyn we are in the midst of a heatwave. It was 90° at midnight last night. Midnight! That’s some tropical shit right there. When it’s this hot, my mind turns to the ocean…and surfing. Well maybe not the latter part, but this week’s mix is vaguely surf inspired, partly due to seeing wonderful Seattle band La Luz last weekend. Their terrific track “Sure as Spring” is track #5 this week, but don’t skip ahead!

There’s also new music from Florida’s Jacuzzi Boys, The Resonars, Aussie band Dick Diver, great new UK band Hookworms and a “Mystery Track.” Plus Revillos’ “Rev Up” (which you may recognize from Sixteen Candles), The Tyde, and bonehead/offensive garage rock obscurity “Beaver Patrol” by Wylde Knights which was later covered by Pop Will Eat Itself. And lots more! Cover art this week is by veteran Summer Fridays contributor Kate Bryant whose new blog Lady Copywriter dissects the ad world in entertaining fashion. Check it out.

Also check out the mix, which you can grab right here:


1. The Revillos – Rev Up
2. Hookworms – Radio Tokyo
3. The Tyde – Go Ask Yr Dad
4. The Cryan Shames – Sugar & Spice
5. La Luz – Sure as Spring
6. Wylde Knights – Beaver Patrol
7. The Resonars – The World is Wrong
8. Revolving Paint Dream – Seven Seconds
9. Go Violets – Josie
10. The Keepsies – She (Was My Babie)
11. The Kinks – Big Sky
12. Yawn – Bed Rugs
13. Super Furry Animals – (Drawing) Rings Around the World
14. Dick Diver – Lime Green Shirt
15. Jacuzzi Boys – Double Vision
16. Fever B – Pop Punk Love
17. Devo – Through Being Cool
18. The Hombres – Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out)
19. ???? ???? & ??? ??????? – ???? ?? ???
20. Allah-Las – Long Journey
21. The Sandals – Theme from Endless Summer

Not to beat a dead horse, but this is an actual mix where songs smush into one another. No shuffling, man. Until next week, stay cool.


  1. Love these mixes. This one seems to have the same file name as Summer Fridays 6.2.

  2. Rich,

    I noticed that just now, but I'm pretty sure it's the right mix (i just spaced when naming it).

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