It’s not Summer or even Friday, but Summer Fridays are back


And we’re back. I know it’s Sunday but I’ve always felt Summer Fridays were more a state of mind. Whether these will be every week or every other week is still TBD but I’m gonna try and keep these coming. This season’s first mix is pretty much full-on dance, though I think the Phoenix Foundation song would probably clear the dancefloor after Pulp’s storming “After You” (please make a new album) but I think it works here. (And it’s a good song!) The mix is bookended with songs using old-timey singing samples, so please enjoy that. I do put thought into these mixes, if not that much actual mixing ability.

Apart from Bent, which closes the mix, and Saint Etienne there’s not a lot of oldies on this one, but expect a nice decade distribution like usual in the weeks to come. There are also no songs on this mix with the words “sun,” “summer,” “beach,” “swim,” etc which might be a first. I digress. Anyway, please download and enjoy:


And here’s the tracklist:
1. Shine 2009 – Eurozone
2. Disclosure – You & Me
3. Pulp – After You
4. The Phoenix Foundation – Black Mold
5. Phoenix – Trying to be Cool
6. Classixx – All You’re Waiting For
7. Kisses – The Hardest Part
8. Daft Punk – Doing it Right (Golden Pony Remix)
9. Club 8 – You Could Be Anybody
10. Saint Etienne – Hug My Soul
11. Neon Neon – Shopping
12. Still Corners – Beat City
13. Tricky – Bonnie & Clyde
14. Lace Curtain – Falling (II)
15. Bent – Always

I assembled this week’s cover art but if you’d like to design one, get in touch. PS, as these songs are mixed together, please refrain from listening in “shuffle” mode. Enjoy the rest of your long weekend.


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  2. As long as the work gets done, why force employees to be chained to their desks? At my old job, we had the option to take time off on summer Fridays — work an extra hour Mondays through Thursdays and have a half day on Fridays. Nothing wrong with that at all. Grumpy, inflexible bosses make for unmotivated staff — the problem with their business probably is a lot more than just lazy workers as they would want to believe.

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