Happy November! Here’s a new mix.

24 Nov

A reader from France emailed me the other day asking what happened to Sound Bites, as I hadn’t posted anything since August. Well, I have a full time job where I also write about music, so this site has definitely gone by the wayside though I wish it wasn’t so. I also was having trouble in the mix production department, but having a little free time over Thanksgiving weekend I think I’ve sorted that out, so here’s my first try at a mix with new audio and photo software. It’s mostly new music, with a few oldies right in the middle. Do enjoy.



1 The Babies – Mess Me Around
2 Eureka California – Back to California
3 Veronica Falls – Teenage
4 Jim Ruiz Set – Neo Acoustic Ambasador
5 Jim Noir – Ping Pong Time Tennis
6 pow wow! – You’re Dead
7 AC Newman – Encyclopedia o Classic Takedowns
8 I Was a King – Leave
9 Housemartins – Think For A Minute
10 Dionne Warwick – Anyone Who Had A Heart
11 El Perro Del Mar – Walk on By
12 Jan Hammer Group – Don’t You Know
13 Jef Barbara – Larmes de crocodile
14 Bertrand Burgalat – Double Peine
15 Erik Blood – The Lonesome Death of Henry Paris
16 Omega Male – Testosterone
17 Moon King – Crucified
18 Parquet Courts – Stoned and Starving

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