Juice and Crunch: Sound Bites interviews Eternal Summers

10 Aug

I am super-psyched to have Eternal Summers playing Sound Bites series at Fulton Stall Market this Sunday (8/12). It’s a free show, as always, and I DJ at 2PM and the band is on at 3PM sharp! The Stage is set up on Beekman just off South Street down by the seaport. Come down!

Eternal Summers new album, Correct Behavior, is one of my favorites of the year, they are great live and you’d be dumb to miss this show! DUMB!

Nicole, Daniel and Jonathan were kind enough to answer some food-related questions:

You’ll be playing at the Fulton Stall markets. What’s your favorite vegetable? And why.

Daniel: Carrots. I like to juice them.
Jonathan: Carrots too. I like to crunch em.
Nicole: Green Beans because they go with everything!

What’s your least favorite and why?

Daniel: I like okra buy sometimes okra can be kinda weird. I hope Okra doesn’t read this!
Jonathan: Onion. Texture. Taste. Overrides everything. I don’t dig.
Nicole: Radishes but they’re not bad. Just not a staple.

Did any particular food fuel the making of Correct Behavior?

Kombucha, 7-11 hotdogs, colloidal silver, nachos, kale.

Has food ever influenced your songwriting?

It always does. We have gotten a lot more physical in our music so if we eat junk it really affects our creativity and energy level.

Any good food-related band anecdotes?

Lio who runs Kanine Records used to make fun of how Daniel and I (Nicole) used to share our food all the time. We were just trying to save money but I guess it looked hilarious since he was buying our food!

Who is the best cook in the band? Who is the finickiest eater? Do you often eat together as a band when not on the road?

Nicole is the best cook. Jonathan is the finickiest eater and we usually just get coffee together.

You’re the first non-NYC band to play the Sound Bites series but you play here often. Any favorite Brooklyn/NYC restaurants?

Ella Cafe in Williamsburg, and this rad BBQ place on Bedford next to Soundfix records. Very surly drink names and tasty brisket!

What food would you imagine Eternal Summers music being paired with?

A salad and some raw meat.

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