Step Into My Bungalow: Summer Fridays 5.7

This is an odd mix. I generally do one “cocktail” themed one a year but it kind of strays into early -’80s burundi beat new wave, tropial disco, girl groups and other territory. It all started with me wanting to use that Bill Wyman song “Je Suis Un Rock Star” and while we’re jetting around genres, it’s all pretty breezy. Only three new songs on this one, as can happy with the high concept mixes. Jack “Skippy” McFadden, a former Brooklynite who now books Emo’s in Austin, did the art this week which sort of looks like a cross between early-’90s 4AD and Luaka Bop album covers. Bravo, sir. Stay cool, party people.


1. Serge Gainsbourg – Couleir Cafe
2. Bananarama – Aie A Mwana
3. Moloko – Sing it Back (Boris Musical Mix)
4. Heavenly Beat – Messiah
5. The Velvelettes – He Was Really Sayin’ Something
6. Bill Wyman – Je Suis Un Rock Star
7. The Beat – Jeanette
8. Laetitia Sadier – Fragment Pour la Future de l’homme
9. John Gregory – Jaguar
10. Fun Boy Three – Our Lips are Sealed
11. Ultramarine – Weird Gear
12. Jan Hammer – Crocket’s Theme
13. Tom Ze – To
14. Bow Wow Wow – Go Wild in the Country
15. Ski Lodge – A Game
16. Orange Juice – Can’t Help Myself
17. The Monochrome Set – Strange Boutique
18. The High Llamas – Doo Wop Property
19. Jorge Ben – Ponta De Lança Africano (Umbabarauma)

Hey no shuffling this mix! Liner notes over the weekend.


  1. in 5 years of summer mixes. i think this might be the best one ever. there was two summer ago that had reigned supreme, but i think it just got beat. well done. and thanks for always making these.

  2. I think it turned out pretty good! Lots of great new sounds, covering a lot of sonic territory (well, within a certain pale milieu, let’s face it). Anyway, here you go, do enjoy.

  3. I am not sure if everything now makes it Ann one of the best and yes this is what i always wanted too. thanks much for hcg diet all the hel…

  4. New songs are equals to early singles which appear here in newly recorded versions that might actually improve on the originals. This is haunted pop, a brisk October breeze that calls for a nice cardigan.

  5. I waited till 2012 to finalize my albums list — all my lists — partially due to laziness, being busy, the holidays… but mainly because I’m not sure what the hurry is. I don’t do this for the web traffic (clearly), so I gave myself a little more time to decide than usual. Exit Devices

  6. This NJ/Greenpoint band were hard to miss two years ago, they gigged all the time and made L Magazine’s annual 8 Bands You Need to Hear list.

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