Skate or Die: Summer Fridays 5.8

13 Jul

This week’s cover art was made by yearly Summer Fridays contributor and renegade digital street artist King of the Streets (KOTS) who, as you all know by now, values graffiti and property rights in equal measure. Hence, all his tagging is done via MS Paint. He also loves to shred and requested that this mix be something you can skate to. Well I did my best. There are some of the most aggressive songs ever committed to a Summer Fidays on this one (like GvsB) and maybe one of the most annoying (forgotten ’80s band The Sicilian Vespers, who I love). Plus, new tunes from METZ, The Soft Pack, Megaphonic Thrift, JEFF the Brotherhood and more. Rad?


1. Ty Segall – Tell Me What’s Inside Your Heart
2. The Adverts – Gary Gilmore’s Eyes
3. Mean Jeans – Hangin’ Tough
4. METZ – Headache
5. Girls Against Boys – Let Me Come Back
6. The Damned – Love Song
7. Unnatural Helpers – Hate Your Teachers
8. The Soft Pack – Saratoga
9. The Clean – Getting Older
10. Shrag – Show Us Your Canines
11. The Megaphonic Thrift – Moonstruck
12. Swervedriver – Blowin’ Cool
13. Mystery Band – Something Something Something
14. The Sicilian Vespers – Teenage Abuse
15. JEFF the Brotherhood – Country Life
16. The People’s Temple – Looter’s Game
17. The Fall – 2 X 4
18. The Intelligence – The Entertainer
19. Dinosaur Jr – Freak Scene
20. Gang of Four – I Found That Essence Rare

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