Rush Job: Summer Fridays 5.4

I won’t lie, this was a race to the finish line. The mix itself I really like. The art…you’ll forgive me I hope. Next week I get other people to do it so it’s going to be much better. Anyway, enjoy. I’m not sure what prompted me to put Dwight Twilley’s biggest hit on this week’s mix, but there it is.



1. Fastbacks – In the Summer
2. CUFFS – Private View
3. The dB’s – Neverland
4. The Kinks – Holiday in Waikiki
5. Oranger – A View of the City from an Airplane
6. Mind Spiders – Upside Down
7. Useless Eaters – Malfunction
8. The Method Actors – Do the Method
9. Regal Degal – Not Mired
10. The White Wires – Everywhere You Were
11. Devo – Freedom of Choice
12. Dwight Twilley Band – I’m on Fire
13. JEFF the Brotherhood – Sixpack
14. Two Wounded Birds – It’s Not Up to You
15. Chris Isaak – Suspicion of Love
16. The Jesus and Mary Chain – Rollercoaster
17. Redd Kross – Reseaching the Blues
18. Japandroids – Evil’s Sway
19. Superchunk – Cruel Summer

Hey just because I’m in a hurry doesn’t give you free reign to listen to this on shuffle, ok? Oh, do as you please. Have a great weekend!


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