Dog Days: Summer Fridays 5.5

So far, every day of Summer 2012 has hit 90 and my A/C has already blown my fuses once. The latter is why this is going up so late. On the plus side, one of the best covers in a long time I do think, as done by longtime SF contributor Kate Bryant. Yes, I put another song from Saint Etienne’s new album on here. If you haven’t picked up Words & Music, you really should. There’s mostly new stuff this week. Enjoy.



1) Diagrams – Ghost-Lit
2) Stars – The Theory of Relativity
3) Ape School – Cocaine & Guns ASAP
4) Junk Culture – Oregon
5) The The – Perfect
6) Cat Power – Ruin
7) Peaking Lights – Live Love
8) Outfit – Drakes
9) Seams – Potential
10) Lemonade – Infinite Style
11) Erika Spring – Like a Fire
12) Slowdance – Boyfriend
13) Justus Köhncke – Timecode
14) Twin Shadow – The One
15) Breakbot – One Out of Two
16) Saint Etienne – DJ

Have a swell weekend everybody!


  1. Listening to a good kind of music will always be one of the best things in life especially if the music you're playing is something worth remembering.

  2. Tracks next month, though if I’d been standing near the keyboardist and not the guitarist maybe I wouldn’t be saying that. Either way, it’s not to their detriment. More a storm than a cloudy day.

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