Surf, Sand, Silver Screen

These wintry economic times can put a chill on fun in the city (even during the summer), but the Rooftop Films folks are helping to alleviate that a bit with free Monday night screenings at Coney Island. They put a huge inflatable screen right on the beach (tethers keep it from swaying) by the main boardwalk drag and movies start at 8PM. So bring your blanket, find a good spot and enjoy a free movie. Tonight is Iron Man 2, and coming up they’ve got Moonstruck (a personal favorite of mine), Annie Hall, the Justin Bieber movie and How She Move.

If you come early, you can listen to me spin tunes. I start at 6:30. Come out and say hi.

MP3: Sloan – In the Movies (BUY IT)

Complete list of movies and dates are here:

Iron Man 2 — Monday, August 1 @ 8pm
Annie Hall — Monday, August 8 @ 8pm
Moonstruck — Monday, August 15 @ 8pm
Justin Bieber: Never Say Never — Monday, August 22 @ 8pm
How She Move — Monday, August 29 @ 8pm (I don’t think I’m DJing this one)


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