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5 Jul

A copy editor’s nightmare but the name — all lower-case with an exclamation point — suits pow wow! well. They’re the little band that could. The band caught fire back in 2008 but then checked out for a year to regroup and figure out their sound. Not that it’s a totally new direction — a little less ’60s soul and a little more C-86 — but I like it, based on the one new song that’s been circulating:

MP3pow wow! – It’s Not That Easy

As you should know, pow wow! are playing the Sound Bites Series this Sunday (July 10) down at the Fulton Stall Market by South Street Seaport. The band are on at 3PM and I DJ for a couple hours before that. It’s FREE. They are super fun live. And stick around afterwards for the new Beach Party series which takes place at Beekman Beer Garden (formerly Water Taxi Beach)…this week it’s Cheeseburger and Hard Nips. Also free. I think doors for that are at five.

Anyway, before I get off track, we got pow wow! to answer a few food-related questions in advance of this Sunday’s show. Not sure who is actually answering the questions, though.

You’ll be playing in the Fulton Stall markets. What’s your favorite vegetable? And why.
To be honest, we don’t really eat vegetables that much, but if it came down to it, pickled radish. They almost taste like apples especially when you pair them up with Korean Hot Wings. [Dudes! You gotta eat more vegetables! – Ed.]

What’s your least favorite and why?
Iceberg lettuce. Amanda says it tastes like pollution and science, and I’d say most of us in the group generally hate salad. [You hate salad? – Ed.] We’re mostly a gang of carnivores. John-Paul also has a strong dislike for tomatoes.

Has food ever influenced your songwriting?
We have a song called “Sour Apples” that has more to do with Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, than it has to do with fruit.

Any good food-related band anecdotes?
Don’t ever try eating vindaloo right before playing a show, if you haven’t already. We can tell you from experience that the results are almost never good.

Who is the best cook in the band?
The best cook is hands down, Eddie. He’s learned a lot of traditional and secret family recipes. His pork adobo is second only to his grandmothers. or maybe third cause we forgot about his mom.

Who is the finickiest eater?
Eddie again. He’s very specific. Fries always need to be well done. No cheese. no “weird” sauces, which basically means if it has anything at all to do with mayonnaise, heavy cream, butter, or includes the word “secret” in it’s description, he’s definitely not eating it.

Where do you eat in your neighborhood?
Three of us live in Astoria so we’re always out to eat. Our favorites are Queens Comfort, which recently opened up on 30th av and Steinway, and serves a mean Fried Chicken & Eggo and the most amazing ribs and fried green tomatoes ever; Sweet Afton for it’s deep fried pickles;, Il Bambino for their panini’s & brunch; Go Wasabi when we want Gobdol Bibimbap; El Mariachi who have a really kind and welcoming staff and amazing Mexican food; and the Bel Aire Diner for late night munchies and the best milkshakes this side of the Pulaski Bridge. Oh and Zenon Taverna if we’re ever in the mood for Greek. Can you tell we really really like to eat?

ps. We used to live in Greenpoint, so we can’t forget to mention Peter Pan Bakery for their donuts. The only problem is they’re almost never open when we’re really craving them!

What’s your cheap eats go-to joint? What about when you’re willing to splurge a little?
Renee’s which is a Filipino restaurant out in Woodside. Average meal is like $6 and you always get crazy full. If you haven’t check out their all day breakfast!

The life of a working musician doesn’t really allow too much splurging, but when the wallets are looking a bit bulkier than usual, we’ll go to Linn, this wonderfully authentic Japanese restaurant in Astoria that’s always showing oceanic or surf documentaries and has a Japanese bossa nova band come in and play on Fridays. It also doubles as an art gallery. We always go and say we’re only getting ramen but then we start ordering a bunch of other stuff and end up racking up one hell of a bill.

What’s your go-to hangover food?
Pork Roll (Taylor Ham), Egg (no cheese – says Eddie) on a toasted Everything Bagel & ginger ale. Hey, most of us in the band are from NJ and in this case, we fit the Pork Roll stereotype.

What food would you imagine your music being paired with?
Paired with… as in, what would go well with our music? Jello Pudding Pops. Whatever happened to those?!

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