Another Mix! Vaguely About Spring (not really).

I didn’t think I was going to do anymore mixes until Summer Fridays returned but there was a whole bunch of new music I was excited about so here we are. I’m not sure this feels like Spring, what with Cold Cave starting things off, but what we’ve got here is 22 quality tracks of new music (and one that’s old but from a new compilation). If the words herein don’t make a lot of sense, I wrote this under the haze of a particularly nasty bout of flu to which I am still recovering. Hope it makes you feel better.



Springfever_sm 1. Cold Cave – Confetti
2. WhoMadeWho – Every Minute Alone
3. PAPER – She’s Got Lard
4. Cult of Youth – The Dead Sea
5. The Wave Pictures – Now Your Smile Comes Over In Your Voice
6. Sloan – Beverly Terrace
7. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – Belong
8. Exlovers – Blowing Kisses
9. Mazes – Summer Hits
10. Standard Fare – Suitcase
11. Erland & the Carnivale – Springtime
12. The High Llamas – Take My Hand
13. Metronomy – The Look
14. Cat’s Eyes – The Best Person I Know
15. Pete & the Pirates – Come to the Bar
16. Eux Autres – Queen Turner
17. Little Majorette – Overflow
18. Onuma Singsiri – Mae Kha Som Tam
19. Mueran Humanos – Corazón Doble
20. The Soft Province – For Untold Day
21. Seapony – Dreaming
22. Craft Spells – Your Tomb
23. Loud Fast Fools – Time to Split

The songs segue together, as frequent visitors may already know, so don’t play this on shuffle. Liner notes after the jump.

1. Cold Cave – Confetti
Philadelphia neo-goths can no longer be called “minimal synth” if they ever were called that. They are aiming for the upper decks on their new album, Cherish the Light Years. Big, anthemic chorus and production to match. I’m a bit surprised how much I like this album.

2. WhoMadeWho – Every Minute Alone
I’ve never been but Denmark seems like a hip place. Like the whole country is full of fashionable oddballs with handlebar moustaches and expensive tailored clothing. And they’ve all got grants. And they sit around drinking absinthe while watching Dusan Makajevez films or reading Camus. That’s how it is in my mind at least. My only knowledge is of their bands that play here, like WhoMadeWho, who are serious oddballs…in a good way. This is from their new album, Knee Deep, which is out next month on Kompact. Does it remind anyone else of the Doors?

3. PAPER – She’s Got Lard
Is this a love song? If so, it’s got the worst title ever. Unless you are Fergus Henderson or David Chang or Mario Batali. I have no idea what Swedish krautpunks PAPER intended, lyrically, but it’s a pretty rocking track which is on their new album Mischmasch.

4. Cult of Youth – The Dead Sea
Did you ever wish sea chanty bands were just a little darker? Cult of Youth have you covered. The record, which kind of sounds like The Gun Club or The Birthday Party, isn’t as briny as their live show but I think you can hear it in this track. I like it. I like it a lot.

5. The Wave Pictures – Now Your Smile Comes Over In Your Voice
Speaking of the ocean, The Wave Pictures have a new album coming out soon, full of tongue-twisting prose and snaky solos courtesy front man David Tattersall.

6. Sloan – Beverly Terrace
Sloan’s tenth album comes in their 20th year of existence and they seem pretty on their game for The Double Cross. There’s lots of cross-pollination between band members, which this track is a good example of. It starts off as a Jay song, but then here comes Chris Murphy for the second half — which is actually a callback to an earlier song on the record.

7. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – Belong
When I heard Flood and Alan Moulder were working on the Pains’ second album, this is exactly what I thought it would sound like. The band have always roared more live, anyway, so this is a good representation of what they’re like on stage…but bigger. Part Smashing Pumpkins, part Seamonsters-era Wedding Present, but all TPOBPAH.

8. Exlovers – Blowing Kisses
There’s a lot of UK indie rock on this mix, and Exlovers are one of the more promising bands. Hopefully they will fulfill on the promise of this track which is rocking shoegaze pop of the highest order.

9. Mazes – Summer Hits
Keeping with the theme, Mazes are more in the Yuck school of indie rock, though with less blatant ’90s influences, though no less catchy. Their debut album, A Thousand Heys, is choc’ full of big hooks that should play very well in convertibles everywhere.

10. Standard Fare – Suitcase
Emma Kupa, who leads this Sheffield trio, seems fixated on travel. A previous single lamented a love far away in Philadelphia and here she is with her bags packed. She’s not going the same place though, this sounds like a bad dream.

11. Erland & the Carnivale – Springtime
This mix has it all. Goth dancepop, sea chantys and now weird hurdy gurdy music courtesy Erland & the Carnival. Actually this song’s not so strange, more like foppy Divine Comedy, pretty catchy little tune.

12. The High Llamas – Take My Hand
Talahomi Way is the first High Llamas album in four years and it’s not drastically different than what they usually do: pastoral pop with huge nods to the Beach Boys and Ennio Morricone. That said, I like this one better than any they’ve done in recent memory. I wish they’d tour America.

13. Metronomy – The Look
Second track from their new album, The English Riviera. Love the main organ riff and the exceeding cheesy solo that plays out the last minute of the song. I kind of wish that solo went on forever. I have been bopping around the kitchen to this one lately.

14. Cat’s Eyes – The Best Person I Know
Another track from Cat’s Eyes, a side project of Horrors singer Faris Badwan and classically-trained soprano (and multi-instrumentalist) Rachel Zeffira. Easily one of my favorite records of 2011 so far. There are more upbeat songs on the record but my favorites are ones like these that recall Broadcast. Love that Mancini harmonica.

15. Pete & the Pirates – Come to the Bar
New single from one of the UK’s best bands bar none. I put this on a mix at the video store and it never fails to get people dancing…just a little. New album sometime soon!

16. Eux Autres – Queen Turner
This came out at the end of 2010 and I meant to do a list like “Overlooked Gems” or something but never got around to it. It certainly was an overlooked gem from long-running San Francisco indiepop band. This one’s got some muscle to it.

17. Little Majorette – Overflow
Things takes a turn here with the most overtly pop song on the mix. Little Majorette is from Sweden and kind of sounds a litle like Lily Allen. At first it always seems to sweet, but then I get suckered by the chorus every time.

18. Onuma Singsiri – Mae Kha Som Tam
This is from a new compilation titled The Sound Of Siam – Leftfield Luk Thung, Jazz & Molam from Thailand 1964 -75 and is easily my favorite song it. Garagey, funky with lyrics about papaya salad. What’s not to like?

19. Mueran Humanos – Corazón Doble
From Spain via Berlin, which is exactly what this sounds like. Only to be played at decrepit warehouse parties with no air conditioning.

20. The Soft Province – For Untold Day
Side project of Besnard Lakes frontman Jace Lacek, he scales things down from “epic” to just “pretty big.” Sounds like the desert.

21. Seapony – Dreaming
Seattle band who just signed to Hardly Art who sound like they could’ve been on Creation in 1985 alongside The Jasmine Minks and the Weather Prophets.

22. Craft Spells – Your Tomb
Pure pop goodness from Craft Spells who just left their native Stockton, California for Portland. Typical of second wave Captured Tracks bands, “Your Tomb” is the ’80s reinvented in the bedroom of someone barely alive during the decade. Which works just fine.

23. Loud Fast Fools – Time to Split
Sonny Smith invited 100 artists to produce artwork for the record covers of fictional bands. Smith concocted the personas of all 100 fictitious bands, then wrote and recorded two hundred songs (the A side and B side) for each. Which is insane. And awesome. Compilations have been trickling out. This one bares the unmistakable fingerprints of Smith cohort Kelley Stoltz.


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