Set sail on the English Riviera: Metronomy 3.0


Finally. Metronomy's Nights Out topped my Best of 2008 list and, apart from the one-off "Not Made for Love" single in 2009, we've barely heard a peep from Joseph Mount since. That's about to change.

But first, there's some catching up to do. Up to that point Metronomy was basically Joseph Mount in the studio with guitarist Garbriel Stebbing and keyboardist/saxaphonist Oscar Cash brought in for live shows and videos. When Stebbing left the group in 2009 to form Your Twenties*, Mount decided to turn Metronomy in a real band, adding bassist Gbenga Adelekan and drummer Anna Prior.

This new Metronomy has been playing out for about a year or so but we're finally just now getting details on Metronomy's third album, The English Riviera, which is out April 11 on Because Music. The album's first single, "She Wants," was released on Monday as a free download. There's a widget further down the post to get it yourself.

While still retaining that signature Metronomy sound — watery, paranoid, off-kilter — "She Wants" definitely has a little more of a "band" feel to it whether or not . I guess you can dance to it, but I'd call it more groovy in a "Love is the Drug" kind of way than something that's going to fill the clubs. Which is not a criticism, I think it's pretty great.

More instantly astonishing is the accompanying video, directed by French duo Jul & Mat which you'll need to watch more than once to get your head around how they did it. I've watched it about six times and am still a bit amazed. Check it out below.

No word on who might be releasing The English Riviera in America but hopefully they'll step foot Stateside sooner than later. (Not coming to SXSW it doesn't look like.) They were great when last here at Union Hall.

The "She Wants" download widget and video are after the jump.

*No hard feelings, Mount is producing Your Twenties' debut album…which is way overdue.

Metronomy – She Wants



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