Three’s Company for Regal Degal


To say a band has post punk influences is kind of like saying they make music. These days it's hard not to be a band working in the indie milleu and not bear the sonic echoes of Joy Division or Gang of Four or Talking Heads. But Brooklyn trio Regal Degal seem a little more overtly post-influenced than most, sounding like they took the middle third of Simon Reynolds' Rip it Up and Start Again and condensed it all into one band. Avoiding the "I Found That Essence Rare" discopunk that we got enough of 2003 – 2006, the band (fronted by onetime Dinowalrus drummer Josh da Costa) swipe from the wierder groups of the era.  Wire seems to be an especially big influence which you can hear in Da Costa's guitar, dunked in watery effects, and Regal Degal's repetitive song structures. Repetitive being a good thing. With some intense drumming, the songs take on a hypnotic, Kraut-y groove. It's all very modern, no "post" needed.

MP3: Regal Degal – Loris Night 

No official recordings yet, but Regal Degal have put a few demos up on their website and were handing out CD-R's when I saw them play on Friday night at Coco 66 (opening for Hooray for Earth and Twin Shadow) — which is where the above MP3 came from. If you live in the NYC area, they play Bruar Falls tonight (7/26) around 9PM or so.

*am I the only one that think's of fictional San Diego hangout The Regal Beagle when I hear this band's name? Hence the title of this post.


  1. it's "da" not "de" thanks. and feel free to email all grammar and spelling corrections directly. thanks for looking out.

  2. yeah, immediately thought of three's company, but that's because i'm old too. they kinda sound like the db's or the embarrassment (more old guy references, sorry).

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