Zut Alors! C’est Summer Fridays 3.7

Maybe it was the oppressive, triple-digit heat but I've been in a Frenchy / featherlight mood all week and kept throwing that type of music into my "possibilities" folder for this mix. Yes, I realize there's always some Franco-pop on these but I was really in that mood and then I realized Bastille Day was next week, so I embraced the theme and here we have a mix with half of the tracks having an actual French connection (sorry) and the other tracks fitting the mood. Well, I think so. There's also some Welsh language singing courtesy Cerys Matthews, an obscure, awesome cover of a Stones track by some Italians, some Americans (April March) and Danish (Cours Lapin)  pretentending to be be French  Plus Jim Noir, new Liechtenstein and a great new single by new band The Title Sequence. 

Cover Art this week is by Ryan Sovereign who makes some really snazzy ties when not playing hammering at synthesizers in 'Mazing Vids. It reminds me of the kind of 7" sleeves Rough Trade released in '79/'80. Artwork for this third Summer Fridays series has probably eclipsed the music on them. Bravo. Anyway, without further adieu…



  1. Serge Gainsbourg – Pauvre Lola
  2. The Title Sequence – Lovers
  3. April March – Garçon Glaçon
  4. Bertrand Burgalat – Demolition Derby
  5. Cerys Matthews – Arlington Road
  6. Les Yper Sound – Psyche Rock
  7. MC Solaar – Obsolète
  8. The Goodies – Sophisticated Boom Boom
  9. The Free Design – My Brother Woody
  10. Jim Noir – Key of C
  11. Automelodi – Baunderie Jazz
  12. Stereolab – Percolator
  13. Two Wounded Birds – My Lonesome
  14. Carol King -He's a Bad Boy
  15. The Tritons – (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
  16. Liechtenstein -Passion for Water
  17. True Love Always – Modesto
  18. Katerine – Le Manteau de Fourrure
  19. Cours Lapin – Cache Cache
  20. The Legendary Jim Ruiz Group – My Bloody Yugo
  21. The Liminianas – Je Ne Suis Pas Tre´s Drogue

What is French for "no shuffling"? A bit behind this week, I'll try and get liner notes up tomorrow.


  1. Thanks for the Summer Fridays mixes.
    Some weeks suit my tastes better than others, but they are always interesting, well mixed and I have definitely found plenty of new (and old) music by listening to them! This one, I'm sure, will be no different.

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