Keeping Up with The Jameses


For a long time Florida was known, musically, for teen pop and nu metal. I guess those things are still there but there's also a lot of great indie type stuff coming out of there these days from Surfer Blood to the Jacuzzi Boys to For Ex-Lovers Only. Well add to that list The Jameses who hail from Lake Worth and have put out one of the best 7"s I've heard in a while, a real double a-side where both tracks are ace.

"Rat People" is the more obvious of the two tracks, jamming on an almost Spacemen 3 type riff — thick with keyboards, guitars and reverb — but with a distinct joyous party vibe. The flip is "The Haunted Rider," more of a minor key rocker, that sounds like the soundtrack to a drive across the Southwest. Neither tracks falls into any easy categorization, which is a good thing these days.

MP3: The Jameses – Rat People

You can order the single via their Myspace or via your local record store. I got mine at Academy in Williamsburg.

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