Sound Bites Interview: Toys and Tiny Instruments Band

Some bands don't need a lot of explanation. Toys and Tiny Instruments Band just that kind of group. You see their name, and you know what they do. Except just how good they are. These merrymakers played Bruar Falls a while back and while the night started with some eye-rolling — oh boy what is this novelty thing about to happen? — everyone there ended up kinda being wowed. They may buy their gear at Toys R' Us but that doesn't mean they don't write awesome songs, and that they can't play their instruments well. Check out their MySpace page which now has some real recordings that will be featured on an upcoming EP.

When I partnered with the Seaport and Fulton Stall Markets to do this Lunchtime series, I wanted to book bands I thought would make people stop and say "hey what is this?" and then say "whoa this is great" TATIB were one of the first groups I thought of. They're playing the final week of the series this Wednesday (June 30) at 1PM, preceded by some DJing from yours truly. Colin Summers, head toymaker, kindly answered some food-related questions which are below.

You're playing opposite the Fulton Stall Markets. What's your favorite vegetable?

Avocado.  It's so delicious.  Wait . . . is that a fruit? 

What's your least favorite and why?

Avocado.  It's not even a vegetable!  I just looked it up.  It needs to stop pretending and come clean.

Does the tiny theme carry over into your eating habits? Is it just sliders and hors d'oeuvres for you?

Yes.  Every day all seven members of the Toys And Tiny Instruments wake up in the studio apartment that we share and make a breakfast feast that consists of clementine oranges, string cheese singles and M&M minis. Not only does this fit with our theme but it is all that we can afford.

Has food ever influenced your songwriting?

The purchasing of food has!  We have a song called Supermarket Rage.  That was written after working in a grocery store for about a year.  Working in a grocery store sucks as you get all the crazies.  They are often in a rage.

Any good food-related band anecdotes?

Does alcohol count as food?  If so we've got a ton.  If not we, we may have one involving having snack time and nap time on a Megabus to Rensselaer. 

What is your favorite cheap eats place in NYC? Where do you eat at most often?

Hmm . . .the cheapest, which happens to be where I eat most often, is my apartment.  Maybe this is a better question for one of the members of the band that goes to resturants.

Who is the most finicky eater in the band? Who is the best cook?

Alessandro has been known to cook a mean rice.  Karen cooks desserts.  Duffy doesn't like most food.  

What is your food secret shame?

I love Jamaican Beef Patties.  I just ate one actually.  I will buy one from anywhere.  Alec is a vegetarian so he doesn't eat those, but he does have a soft spot for McDonald's Mcflurries.  I'm not sure if he's ashamed about that, but I am at least.  

Do you have a go-to hangover food?

We only consume tiny beverages so hangovers are prevented.  

What food would you imagine your music being paired with?

Tiny 25 cent bodega ice cream sandwiches.


  1. i came to your site thinking, "fucking bill … all sound and no bites," but clearly i haven't been around for a while. your interview series was lovely. lots of fun. thank you! summary notes = everyone hates cauliflower, a surprising number of people like beets, and fucking bill is a genius who loves food + music. again, thanks!

  2. I actually love cauliflower, it's one of my favorite vegetabes…especially roasted with curry spices.
    and yeah, these have been fun. i may try and keep it up.

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