I’m Down With Prince


I know that when most who think about me actually think of me, three words pop into their heads: Prince Rogers Nelson. Which is why I'm DJing this "Prince Themed" party at Bruar Falls this afternoon from 5 – 8PM. The party goes all night, with bands doing Prince covers and then drunken midi karaoke. I will be playing a mix of actual Prince songs, bands from the Paisley Park stable, cover versions and stuff I deem Prince-esque. Plus, general '80s music probably. Three hours is a long time. If you're artistically inclined, there's a drawing party for the next issue of in-house 'zine TOOT. More info here. Free BBQ. It's all free, actually. Except the booze.

MP3Hot Chip – Down With Prince

Bruar Falls
245 Grand St. (between Driggs and Roebling)
Brooklyn, NY



  1. Fun-Fun. Remember your Purple-wear! This sounds like such a HOOT, as I think the commute would be pretty tough.

  2. Oh frack. I was in Brooklyn yesterday near Grand Street and I missed it! Well, I saw the first show of Tight Little Ship (spiritual continuation of Dream Bitches) and they were friggin' awesome. I suggest going to one of their shows sometime.

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