Hey Look, it’s a New Drums Video


While the song title reminds me of a downbeat Korean bus ride with a lady holding a chicken*, the new Drums single is pretty stellar, a further refinement of their sound — which answers the question “What would the Pretty in Pink soundtrack have sounded like if it had been produced by Martin Hannett?” The video for the song makes Greenpoint look like Salford as much as it possibly could, and features a little kid with an asymmetrical haircut. Yet no wild jumping with tambourines, the signature of their live show. Speaking of, it’s almost the one year anniversary of The Drums live debut at NYC Popfest 2009. No anniversary show in NYC, though — they’re spending most of the summer in Europe where people appreciate wild prancing with tambourines. 

The Drums debut album is out June 7 and if you give the band your email address, they’ll let you download an MP3 of “It Will End in Tears.” And below the “Forever and Ever Amen” video:

*Of course I’m mis-remembering. The series finale of M*A*S*H* was “Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen.” So nevermind, Drums. However, more than one person has asked if it’s a Randy Travis cover.


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