The Funky, Baroque Animals of Zoos of Berlin


Zoos of Berlin are from Detroit and are fronted by Trevor Naud who also spent time (maybe still does) in the notoriously unprolific but occasionally awesome Pas/Cal. Unlike that band's sunshine pop, Zoos of Berlin are more buttoned up and immaculate, like a high society tea… but one that desperately wants to be disco-fest. Naud and turtleneck-wearing bassist Daniel Clark keep it regal, but drummer Colin Dupuis and, especially, keyboardist Will Yates are there to party. The result is like a weird mix of Cardinal and Steely Dan, a combination that is perfected on "Electrical Way" which has Yates laying down a super-funky Clavinet part over most of the song, with a breakdown which is straight out of "Peg." And it just sounds awesome, such good musicianship overcoming the deficiencies of Market Hotel's PA, where they played a few weeks ago.

MP3: Zoos of Berlin – Electrical Way (buy it)

And here's video of said song from their recent Market Hotel show:

And some upcoming shows:


Oct 23 Anton Art Center [free costume party] Mt. Clemens, Michigan

Nov 6 Crofoot Ballroom [w/ Black Heart Procession & Thunderbirds Are Now!] Pontiac, Michigan

Nov 19 Detroit Science Center [playing in front of the IMAX!] Detroit, Michigan

Nov 25 The Blind Pig [w/ Great Lakes Myth Society] Ann Arbor, Michigan

Dec 4 The Majestic Cafe [The Recital’s final show, also w/ Thunderbirds Are Now!] Detroit, Michigan

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