The Intelligence | Market Hotel | 9.11.2009


Honestly, I wasn't expecting all the moshing and crowd surfing. I'd hopped in a cab seconds after seeing Wild Beasts for a third time in one week and headed to Market Hotel to see Seattle's finest purveyors of bent surf garage. On record, The Intelligence are genuinely weird, like they try and make normal music and this is what comes out. It's not dissimilar to what Sic Alps or Thee Oh Sees do, but there's a sinister edge, kind of like in a David Lynch movie. Slightly uncomfortable. But live, Lars Finberg and the rest of The Intelligence are here to rock. Market Hotel didn't seem that crowded to me, but when the second song kicked in it was a like a mosh magnet, everyone who was still there rushed towards the stage and collectively lost their shit. In particular, Golden Triangle's OJ (the band had just played) was a crowd surfing dynamo, despite there not being quite enough crowd to hold him. No matter how many times he got dropped, OJ kept getting back up there. "Let's see how many people get hurt on this one," a perplexed Finberg joked during the encore. The guy might have bruises all over his body now, but Friday night that little dude was all smiles.

Finberg kept asking the crowd if we could he his vocals — we could I thought they sounded great — but judging by that I don't think they could hear anything. Sometimes you just move forward via instinct and muscle memory. 

The Intelligence play Cake Shop tonight. Somehow I doubt a Sunday Night crowd will be as whacked-out as Friday's all-ages Market Hotel scene, but who can say for sure? Highly recommended. You can watch Mad Men tomorrow.

MP3: The Intelligence – Moody Little Tower

MP3: The Intelligence – Moon Beeps

Buy some Intelligence via Insound. Or buy some at the merch table tonight. I shot a lot of video Friday night but a lot of it didn't come out so well as I was constantly in fear of head injuries via someone's boot. Anytime the camera veers away from the stage, it's because of that. Those videos and all the Intelligence's remaining 

The Intelligence on tour:

Sep 13 cake shop new york, New York
Sep 14 live on viva radio new york, New York
Sep 14 live on wnyu new york, New York
Sep 16 cafe nine new haven, Connecticut
Sep 17 sonar balitmore, Maryland
Sep 18 comet pizza and ping pong washington dc, Washington DC
Sep 19 the triple richmond, Virginia
Sep 20 the new french bar asheville, North Carolina
Sep 21 jj's bohemia chattanooga, Tennessee
Sep 22 instore at criminal records atlanta, Georgia
Sep 22 the earl atlanta, Georgia
Sep 23 club down under tallahassee, Florida
Sep 24 alabama music box mobile, Alabama
Sep 25 hi tone/gonerfest 6 memphis, Tennessee
Sep 26 saturn bar new orleans, Louisiana
Sep 28 spanish moon baton rouge, Louisiana
Sep 29 the ten eleven san antonio, Texas
Oct 1 la sala rossa montreal, Quebec
Oct 2 mohawk austin, Texas
Oct 3 handsome kitten dallas, Texas
Oct 4 the conservatory oklahoma city, Oklahoma
Oct 5 record bar kansas city, Kansas
Oct 6 medowlark denver, Colorado
Oct 7 meow wolf santa fe, New Mexico
Oct 8 club congress tucson, Arizona
Oct 9 modifided phoenix, Arizona
Oct 10 bujwha el centro, California
Oct 11 part time punks festival @ the echo los angeles, California
Oct 12 the casbah san diego, California
Oct 13 the hub sacramento, California
Oct 15 house of nostromos oakland, California
Oct 16 elbow room san francisco, California
Oct 17 garage/vice scion festival portland, Oregon


  1. The Intelligence are here to rock. Market Hotel didn't seem that crowded to me, but when theMilan hotels second song kicked in it was a like a mosh magnet, everyone who was still there rushed towards the stage and collectively lost their shit.

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