Get Back on the BOAT


I've got a stack of new CDs on my kitchen table that remain unlistened-to, because all I seem to be able to play is Setting the Paces, the new album by Seattle's BOAT. I became a superfan when they played Cake Shop and Union Hall last summer, so I knew I was gonna like the new album, but I didn't know I was going to like it this much. Self-depricating indie rock of the mid-'90s variety where the song, not the attitude, is king. Giant hooks, lyrics that are funny without being novelty (and have just enough of the crying-on-the-inside clown thing going on too), and production that is neither slick nor low fi. This is how it's done, and I've no doubt this will find its way into my Best of 2009 list.

The album doesn't come out till October 30 (I know!) but the band have given the world two tasters from the album:

MP3: BOAT – We've Been Friends Since 1989
MP3: BOAT – Prince of Tacoma

While you're waiting, maybe you should pick up the other two BOAT albums, both of which are great. 

BOAT will be touring for Setting the Paces and are tenatively going to be in the NYC area mid-November. Toby at Finest Kiss saw them play last Friday, so read his report which contains an MP3 of "Name Tossers," maybe my favorite song from the new album. 


  1. Hey Bill-the two links both point to "1989." We need more BOAT!

  2. Bill,
    great songs!
    Have you heard Boat's collaboration with Dengue Fever? Dinghy Fever!
    Steven Schrom

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