Summer Fridays 2.7

Williamsburg licks
This week's mix is a little schizo: some goth shoegaze, some new 7" finds, and a lot of '90s indie rock nuggets. And then there's the '80s rockin' "Free Energy" which is total top down convertible fodder dumb fun. The Archers of Loaf track was chosen by this week's cover art contributor KOTS. That's his tag name. KOTS loves grafitti, but he also hates defacing other people's property so he does his work completely in MS Paint. If you'd like to do a cover, do get in touch. Have a swell weekend, folks. And no shuffling!


Here's the tracklist. I'll try and get liner notes up over the weekend.

1.  The Horrors – Scarlet Fields
2.  Archers of Loaf – Wrong
3.  Free Energy – Free Energy
4.  Zaza – Sooner or Later
5.  Engineers – Sometimes I Realize
6.  Number One Cup – Waiting for the Lions
7.  Flaming Lips – Silver Trembling Hands
8.  Uninhabitable Mansions – Do You Have a Strategy?
9.  Fergus & Geronimo – Harder Than It's Ever Been
10. Jale – Not Happy
11. Pavement – Gold Soundz
12. Echo & the Bunnymen – Rescue
13. Blow Up – Good to Me
14. Sex Clark Five – Detention Girls
15. Nodzz – True to Life
16. Let's Active – In Little Ways
17. Official Secrets Act – The Girl from the BBC
18. Unrest – Makeout Club


  1. Including Sex Clark Five always puts you over the top of cool.

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