Back in the Pool

Pp_widescreen While lacking the decayed charm of McCarren Pool that gave The Pool Parties their name, it's had to deny the spectacular setting of the new location. Sunday was witness to a lot of screaming, with the awesome Mission of Burma, Fucked Up's vintage style hardcore, and Baltimore's art-school rockers Ponytail. Now at the Williamsburg Waterfront, the space can hold more people (I think) than the pool could, so there were no lines to speak of, but being held at a State Park meant you could only drink in one cordoned-off area that didn't make it easy to actually watch the bands. There's still dodgeball, but the Slip-N-Slide is sorely missed. I have a feeling the folks at Jelly used this week — one of the lesser draws, no offense dudes, of this year's lineup — as a trial run to see what was going to work and what wasn't. Personally, I think they could lose the basketball court which most people didn't even know was there until they got yelled at for walking through it. And more food vendors. But again, that view.

Some more pictures:

Mission of Burma

Fucked Up


The scene



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