Sisters are Doing it For Themselves

Sisters at Dead Herring, photo from Nicki Ishmael's Flickr

This past Saturday I went to apartment/venue Dead Herring to catch Boston's Pants Yell! who are one of the best indie-jangle bands out there. And they were great. But the surprise of the night was Brooklyn duo Sisters who kind of blew me away, both through some great songs and the volume and wallop with which they played them. I've seen drummer Matt Conboy around the neighborhood for years — he's hard to miss with a mushroom cloud of hair to rival Kyp Malone's — and knew he lived in the Death by Audio complex (as does singer Aaron Pfannebecker, I think), I just always figured he played in some sort of proto-metal band or something. An impression reinforced when I saw them lugging in an enormous tower of equipment that rivaled Sic Alps' monolith of amps. I was glad I had my earplugs.

They were indeed very loud, but in a surprising turn of events (to me), instead of metal, Sisters are more in the melodic, noisy world of late 80s/early 90s indie rock: Dinosaur Jr, My Bloody Valentine, Husker Du, etc. Backed occasionally by an iPod and the classic Casio Rapman keyboard, Conboy and Pfannebacker made quite a ruckus sounded great, I thought, despite the ad-hoc soundsystem. They also provided their own light show. Consider me an instant convert.

Sisters_cover Up till now, Sisters sole release was a cassette, though I think they're now selling it in CD-R form too. But they just released a split-7" with Nashville's Jeff the Brotherhood on Death by Audio Records. Both bands will play Death by Audio, the venue, this Sunday for a record release party. Both sides of the single are ace, and here's the Sisters side:

MP3: Sisters – Highway Scratch

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