How Now So Cow?


It was a total High Fidelity moment. I was hanging out at Academy Records Annex, getting my fingers dirty flipping through used records something came over the speakers that instantly made me prick up my ears. Low-fi pop, a bit shambly, but in the best way and every song was super-catchy and there was a clever wit going on too. They had by by the third song and I went up and asked what was playing. "So Cow. He's this Irish guy, played an in-store here last year. Some of the record was made Korea, so…a real international affair." Indeed.

TTT-019-1300 So Cow is essentially Brian Kelly who is originally from Galway, Ireland but who also spent time in South Korea where some of his early records were made. To date he's released EP, Best Vacation Ever, in 2006 and albums These Truly Are End Times and I Am Siding with My Captors in 2007 and 2008, respectively. Plus a couple odd singles.

This new record, only on vinyl in a truly lovely sleeve, compiles some of So Cow's best moments from all his releases. It pushes most of my buttons, owing more than a little to the Pastels, Flying Nun, Calvin Johnson, Jeffrey Lewis… but he's clearly got his own point of view. Highly recommended.

Here are a couple tasters:

MP3: So Cow – Casablanca

MP3: So Cow – Shackleton

You can buy So Cow directly from Tic Tac Totally or, if you live in NYC, you can get it at Academy Records Annex on North 6th St. Emusic, meanwhile, has I am Siding with My Captors to download.

He's also got a free covers EP where he tackles Television Personalities, Tracy Ullman, The Who and others. Free!

So Cow is heading out way next month for a pretty extensive North American tour, including NYC stops at Silent Barn on May 8 and Less Artists More Condos on May 9. Here's the schedule:

May 8 Silent Barn Brooklyn, New York

May 9 Less Artists More Condos New York, New York

May 10 BAR New Haven, Connecticut

May 11 O’Brien’s Bar Boston, Massachusetts

May 12 TBC Providence, Rhode Island

May 13 TBC Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

May 14 Velvet Lounge Washington DC, Washington DC

May 15 TBC Baltimore, Maryland

May 16 Brillobox Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

May 18 Rancho Relaxo w/ Tyvek Toronto, Ontario

May 20 Now That’s Class Cleveland, Ohio

May 21 Cafe Bourbon Street Columbus, Ohio

May 22 TBC Kalamazoo, Michigan

May 23 The Black Sparrow Lafayette, Indiana

May 24 Ronny’s Chicago, Illinois

May 25 The Dipping Station Milwaukee, Wisconsin

May 26 TBC Madison, Wisconsin

May 30 Little Mountain Studios Vancouver, British Columbia

May 31 Funhouse Seattle, Washington

Jun 1 Help needed here Olympia, Washington

Jun 2 The Know Portland, Oregon

Jun 4 Live at KDVS Davis, California

Jun 5 Luigi’s Fun Garden Sacramento, Colorado

Jun 6 The Hemlock San Francisco, California

Jun 8 Help needed here Santa Cruz, California

Jun 9 Boo Boo Records San Luis Obispo, California

Jun 11 5..4..3..2..Fun! @ KCSB Santa Barbara, California

Jun 12 LKEG Gallery w/ Le Face, Shark Toys, Saturn Los Angeles, California

Jun 13 Soda Bar San Diego, California


  1. Weird, we must be in some music mind meld. When I first heard the name So Cow i thought he was from soCal.

  2. Thanks for posting this; never would have heard of it and I'm glad I checked it out. Interesting mix of influences, as you suggest.

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