Blank Dogs: New Video, Album, Shows, Etc

If you can keep up with Mike Sniper's output you are a better person than me. Under the Blank Dogs guise, he's released something like 43 albums, EPs, singles, cassettes in the last year or so. Even more if you add in The Mayfair Set (his colaboration with Dee Dee of Dum Dum Girls) and the other releases on his label, Captured Tracks. All of it is on the moody side, and they get compared to the Cure and Joy Division a lot. But to me, Blank Dogs are more akin to My Dad is Dead or underrated UK goths Red Lorry Yellow Lorry. Sniper buries his vocals under watery chorus effects and tends to play shows with his face obscured. Is he in the Witness Protection Program?

While there are a zillion releases to choose from, neophites might want to start with the upcoming Under and Under, due out any moment on In The Red. The gatefold double-vinyl version of which has five more songs than CD. There's a new video for the album's single, "Setting Fire to Your House" that is creepy and hilarious:

Live, Blank Dogs aren't quite that weird or hilarious, but they are very good. And hopefully, there will be copies of Under and Under at thier two NYC shows this weekend. They play Secret Project Robot (which I think is the same space as Monster Island, 210 Kent Street at Metropolitan in Williamsburg) with thematically similar Cold Cave and Mazing Vids; and Silent Barn on Saturday with Portland's Jeremy Jay and Mobile, Alabama's Wizzard Sleeve. Here are some MP3s:

MP3: Blank Dogs – Night Night (from Under and Under)
MP3: Blank Dogs – Calling Over (from the Seconds EP)
MP3: Blank Dogs – The Other Way (from The Fields)
MP3: Blank Dogs – Ants (from On Two Sides)


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  2. I love this band – but really…to compare them to the Cure or Joy Division doesn't really do them justice. They have their own unique sound. And how similar are the Cure and Joy Division anyway? Its a ridiculous statement!

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  4. I cherish this band – however really…to contrast them with the Cure or Joy Division doesn't generally do them equity. They have their own novel sound. Also, how comparative are the Cure and Joy Division in any case? Its a ludicrous proclamation!

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