Single of the Moment: The Vibrarians – “Red Light”

There are so many great garage 7" singles out there right now… it's borderline overwhelming. Luckily I am poor and can't afford to keep up (though I wish I'd bought into the Hozac Singles Club) but I try to know what's going on. The best thing I've heard recently, besides the Mayfair Set and France Has the Bomb, is "Red Light" from Olympia, WA's The Vibrarians. It's a great rave-up with a killer bassline. All three songs are good, actually. It's out now on K Records as part of their International Pop Underground series:

MP3The Vibrarians – Red Light


  1. First time visitor. Already a fan. Love this tune. At the risk of contributing to the overwhelming weight of great garage rock singles, check out the new ATL band, Howlies. Any cut will rock, but "Smoke" "Chimera" and the official video for "Angeline" stand out.
    In bocca al lupo,
    Larry di Lucca

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