Mazes Are No Puzzle


For those waiting for a new 1900s album, may I suggest checking out Mazes, which features Edward Anderson and Caroline Donovan of said awesome band, with friend Charles D’Autremont. Mazes is a little less lush than the 1900s, maybe a little more psych (more VU, less FM) but just as good. And for those who wished Anderson got a little more mike time in the 1900s, it's a boon. A truly lovely record. Highly recommended.

MP3: Mazes - I Have Layed In The Darkness

MP3: Mazes – Cat State Comity

Mazes' self-titled debut is out now on Parasol. (Unfortunately not on vinyl from what I can tell, on which it would sound amazing given its warm vibe.) The band have been played a few gigs in Chicago but have yet to venture elsewhere the U.S. Hopefully soon. The 1900s are amazing live.

Meanwhile, the 1900s have been going through some ups and downs, member-wise and just announced that Pierce Doerr (who does the music for the send season of This American Life the TV show) has taken over the drumkit.

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